Six weeks into her tenure, Vice President Kamala Harris has started to make her presence felt in the White House. She is being seen as a pivotal force behind some key behind-the-scenes decisions while advancing President Biden’s diplomatic agenda.

Harris has been given full authority by President Biden to extend the influence of U.S. foreign policy. In this regard, she has spoken with at least six world leaders independently. She even joined the virtual White House summit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on behalf of the State Department.

During her six weeks as the Vice President, she has been vocal in responding to the Iran-backed militias’ attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq. She also played a major role in resolving the Khashoggi murder case, which had put the future of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in danger.

Her credibility is paving the way for President Biden to formally entrust her National Security portfolio similar to how President Barack Obama did by letting him handle foreign relations with Iraq, Turkey, and Ukraine.

The presidency has changed its course over the years. The spectrum has broadened with a variety of roles. A Vice President plays an integral role in formulating foreign policy and deals with specific missions. For instance, Dick Cheney proceeded the specific missions for Pakistan and Afghanistan solely himself in the last two years of President George W. Bush’s tenure.

Harris is committed to President Biden’s agenda. She has her interests aligned with the President. She is one of the most trusted soldiers of President Biden’s army. Harris has spoken one-on-one with leaders of Canada, France, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Israel, Denmark, and Australia to bring the foreign relations back on track.

Harris has an in-depth insight regarding important issues such as the COVID-19, climatic change, and matters related to science and technology.

Harris’s previous job as a prosecutor also helps her a lot in making precise decisions after analyzing any given situation on legal grounds.

Kamala Harris recognizes the problem and addresses the topic skeptically, a reason why she holds such an important position in the Biden Administration.