As the situation on the US-Mexico border continues to worsen due to unprecedented migrant influx, President Biden has asked Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the Administration’s effort to address the issue. Harris has not announced any plans to travel to the south or officially address the current situation at the border.

This has left many of the officials in chaos. The officials are calling out for government volunteers to report to duty because of the unprecedented surge of immigrants at the border.

The critics and supporters of the Biden Administration are both asking the same question: where is the MAN IN ACTION (MIA) who is deputized to fix the crisis?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has sent out memos to the agency heads to seek volunteers to be deployed to deal with the southern border crisis.

OPM spokesperson claimed that they were actively working to recruit more resources at the border avenues.

As the government officials prepare to volunteer their time to keep the borders safe, it is reported that Harris is currently deeply frustrated with the renovations going on at the Vice President’s mansion. These renovations have forced her and second gentleman Dough Emhoff to stay at the Blair House, the President’s official guest quarters, temporarily.

The Vice President is reportedly living out of suitcases currently but the administration has not provided any explanations regarding the delay in the renovation. Harris was asked by a reporter about when she intends to visit the south and she replied with a cackle, “Not today”.

According to the Vice President Office, Harris had no events to attend during the past weekend, and certainly, there was no mention of the border-related activity in the upcoming schedule.

This inexplicit silence from Kamala Harris has garnered criticism from Republicans as well as her critics, as the Vice President and her team continue to dodge critical questions.

There has been a 50% increase in the number of migrants crossing the border on a daily basis.