On Saturday, Vice President Kamala Harris became the target of immense criticism on Twitter. Netizens were visibly outraged by her recent statement that suggested it was “almost impossible” for people residing in rural areas to make copies of their ID’S.

Harris made these questionable remarks in an interview with Soledad O’ Brien for BET News.  In conversation with O’Brien, Harris claimed to have asked the President to protect voting rights as she thought the issue was “fundamental.”

Upon being asked about compromising voter ID laws, Ms. Kamala Harris said that the consequences of the said could hold significant weightage for the country as a whole. Her sharp-edged comments come amid an ongoing struggle of the nation over voter ID laws with Georgia and Texas.

Several Republicans have put forth a set of changes that are imperative to restrict voter fraud, while Progressives have continually argued about the voter ID laws being “racist.”

When Harris made these comments, several Rural Americans were seemingly offended. The Vice President- after spending two weeks at her Brentwood mansion in Los Angeles was accused of having lost touch with the nation.

Former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright took to Twitter and threw shade at Ms. Kamala Harris’ suggestions. We built this country. We can manage to photocopy our IDS,” said an infuriated Wright. In addition, Sean Parnell, a Senate candidate, mocked Harris and declared that her “ridiculous argument” is not being bought.

Just last month, President Joe Biden had said that he asked Harris to lead the White House’s efforts in expanding the ballot box. Harris herself had spoken about the issue in an interview with BET News. But in the same conversation, the Vice President said she may not have emphasized the “not enough” to the numerous assignments from Biden.

Data extracted from the Associated Press shows that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of laws that need a basis of identification to use the ballot box. Most of the Republicans and Democrats have stood in support of the idea.