The highly anticipated album Donda by Kanye West was released on Sunday on different streaming apps after witnessing numerous delays.

It was very exciting to see the album available and doing well at various streaming services across the globe and as expected it took over the music world with a storm.

But, here comes the trouble!!!

Kanye West who requested for a name change recently and want to be called out as Ye only, took over to his personal Instagram and announced that Universal Music allegedly released the album without his consent as he was still working on the controversy with DaBaby on one of the albums song “Jail Pt. 2.”

Kanye West had previously announced that he will not release the album anywhere until and unless all the songs of the album are cleared from all kinds of harrowing controversies. However, the recording label, Universal Music, was thinking otherwise!

According to a recent Instagram post by Kanye West, the album Donda was getting delayed because of the controversial verse in the song “Jail Pt. 2” by DaBaby. West had claimed that DaBaby’s manager is not cooperating in the clearance of the verse, that’s why Donda is being delayed.

Kanye West had debuted that same track at his listening party held in Chicago where he had just created a scene between the disgraced singer and Marilyn Manson.

Kanye brought DaBaby on stage despite the fact that he is known for repeated violent acts, homophobic and is always supporting abusers and sexual harassers such as Tory Lanez. It seemed like Kanye also supported the rapper but did not claim it officially.

West shared a screenshot of an alleged conversation with his manager Bu Thiam in which they both are discussing DaBaby’s manager not cooperating in the matter of clearance of the verse of Jail Pt. 2 which is resulting in the delay of Donda.

Kanye had replied stating “I won’t take DaBaby off because he was the only person who would vote for me in public.”

West shared another screenshot in which he stated his conversation with Dababy himself insinuating that DaBaby’s manager is not cooperating and this will result in something really bad. He also stated that his manager was trying to destroy Kanye by his careless attitude and noncooperation.

The highly anticipated album was released this Sunday after numerous public listening sessions in Chicago, Atlanta, and Las Vegas with a large crowd.

Kanye West collaborated with many renowned stars in this album namely; Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Baby Keem, Jay-Z, Young Thug, Pop Smoke, Jay Electronica, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, etc.

There is a grave possibility that this might not be the final version of the album Donda as Kanye West has already expressed his displeasure over its release.

Kanye West modified his last album Life of Pablo multiple times, recording and re-recording, and mixing the released songs on the streaming apps before finally releasing an official album after a lot of scrutinies.

Let’s see how long Donda will last in its present condition. How soon Kanye West will start modifying the streamed tracks of the album until and unless he is completely satisfied!