Many celebrities come across online trolls and some come up with amazing responses while others choose to ignore them. But Celebrity Cruises Captain Kate McCue responded to a troll in the most hilarious way. She is the first woman captain of Celebrity Cruises.

On one of her Instagram posts, a critic commented, “How can you be a captain? Your only a woman.” To this, she came back with a hysterical reply.

She made a TikTok video to respond to this sexist comment. She started by saying that usually, she doesn’t take these kinds of trolls too seriously. She reads them and ignores them. But, she thought it was very important to address this particular troll.

sexist troll with a hilarious viral videoCaptain Kate McCue, 42, went on to explain, it is high time that she must address the issue that many people are unaware of. Moreover, she expressed the state of shock she’s in as it is 2020 and people are still ignorant.

Before moving on, she took a dramatic pause. She continued her conversation and went on saying, even in this era many people don’t know the difference between “You’re” and “Your.” Her taunting expressions were one of the highlights of this video.

However, she continued her schooling with a statement and reference. She explained the difference between both words.

“So just a quick reference: You’re- as in ‘you are’ – like, ‘you are sexist.’ Your is something possessive, it belongs to you, like ‘your ignorance,’’ Kate McCue said as she took her captain’s chair. She added, if anyone needs more references or explanations, they can contact her. She is there to help on her captain’s chair.

As soon as the video got released, it got viral, like a wildfire. She got more than 320k likes, and the comments in her support were exploding.

One fan expressed her love by commenting, “I love you queen of seas.” with a crown emoji.

This particular debate also happened in the popular sitcom Friends. When Ross- David Schwimmer went on to explain Rachel “Jennifer Aniston,” the correct usage of ‘You’re and your’, in a 1996 episode.