62 years old Kathy Hochul was sworn in as the new governor of New York state writing history as the first female governor of the state after Andrew Cuomo resigned over multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

The democrat from Buffalo took oath in the early minutes of Tuesday in a small ceremony at the state capitol, Albany New York. The chief judge of New York, Janet DiFiore took the oath as Hochul was accompanied by her husband, their children, and spouses.

Kathy Hochul tweeted soon after being appointed as the new state government stating that she is

“honored to be officially sworn in as New York’s 57th governor. Looking forward to the full swearing-in ceremony with my family later this morning, and addressing the people of New York later today.”

Andrew Cuomo released a pre-recorded farewell speech on his last day at the office in which he aggressively defended himself and his regime of more than 10-year stating that he became a victim of “media frenzy.”

Kathy Hochul has scheduled a meeting with the legislative leaders of the state early on Tuesday while she will be addressing the media and public at 3 pm officially as the governor of New York.

This is for the first time in history that almost all the major powerful positions of the New York government are held by women; the State Senate majority leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, chief judge Janet DiFiore, and the Attorney General Letitia James.

Letitia James congratulated the newly appointed governor of New York state immediately after the ceremony by stating

“today is a historic day for New Yorkers with the swearing-in of our first female governor, Kathy Hochul. I congratulate Governor Hochul on this incredible accomplishment and wish her well in her new role building on the progress of our great state. I look forward to continuing to work with her and the entire incoming administration.”

Kathy Hochul will be swamped with challenges as soon as she takes charge in the office. She needs to take immediate actions regarding the mask mandate and the vaccination process as well as the imposition of newer restrictions regarding SOPs and social distancing as coronavirus cases hike across the state. The economy is slinging downwards as unemployment rises because of pandemics and many other challenges like reopening of the schools etc.

Kathy Hochul stated that she is committed to providing a non-toxic working environment under her governance. She also said that all the allies or people named in the investigation report regarding Andrew Cuomo will have to leave the administration.

“The very first steps will be ensuring that anyone who’s named in the report released by the attorney general being involved in any kind of unethical behavior, will no longer be part of this administration. They’re gone on day one,”

exclaimed Hochul while defining her governorship policies in a prior governor swearing-in ceremony.