Renowned supermodel and a philanthropist for life Kathy Ireland have pledged along with former Health & Human Services Deputy Secretary Eric Hargan that they will keep on fighting against the opioid addiction.

The fight against opioid addiction is very personal for Kathy Ireland.

Kathy Ireland was joined by Eric Hargan in a talk on the USA Today, where they openly discussed their thoughts about how to fight against the opioid epidemic and what measures they are taking to reduce the addiction amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The opioid epidemic is a phrase used to describe the overuse or misuse of a substantial drug or an overdose that in many cases results in the unfortunate death.

The opioid is the name given to all the drugs which are used and prescribed to control acute pain.

Kathy Ireland is the president and the founder of the Kathy Ireland foundation. She has been actively involved in educating people regarding their health and how to increase their quality of life.

Kathy and Eric were of the opinion that at the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the opioid epidemic is raging and has gone sky-high. Due to the severe virus which engulfed the whole world in its harrowing shadows complimenting with death, people have become more protective for their loved ones and want to take precautionary measures even if they sneeze.

The use of painkillers has increased across the globe resulting in the opioid epidemic. They are people who realize this and are combating this silent illness on their own. 

Kathy Ireland ensured people that they are not alone in fighting against the opioid epidemic. They are in this battle together. They will fight and help each other to come out of this dark phase.

Kathy Ireland encouraged people not to hide if they are suffering from substantial abuse disorder. They need help to cure it and alone they will only lose this battle. Eric D Hargan stated that the damage has been done during the pandemic as more people got inclined towards substantial drug abuse. Now they need to work on it and combat this together by taking one day at a time.