As the summer heatwave persists to wreak havoc on many areas in the United States, pet welfare activists are alerting families about the dangers that high temperatures pose to animals.

Summer 2021 has already proved to be a very lethal season for pets. Thirty dogs have died this year due to heat-related reasons, according to statistics released by PETA.

This figure is one short of last year’s 31 pet fatalities. According to PETA’s statistics, the heat-related fatalities started in May and have mainly happened as a result of pets owners leaving animals in hot vehicles or failing to offer sufficient cover while outside.

When the record-breaking temperature surges started in late June, American Humane, the country’s first national humane group, issued a heatwave advisory for pets.

The group urged pet owners in areas affected by heatwaves to exercise care with their family pets.

American Humane advises that pets owners avoid exercising their animals during the peak heat hours and instead exercise them in the mornings or evenings when the weather is usually cooler.

When dogs are outside (even with windows opened), American Humane strongly advises owners to have shaded areas and drinking water readily accessible at all times.

Additionally, American Humane advises pet owners to get acquainted with the symptoms of heatstroke, which include comma, vomit or bloody diarrhea, convulsions, stumbling, lethargy, red gums and tongue, and heavy panting.

Heatstroke in animals, according to the national charity, needs urgent veterinary care. Pet owners, on the other hand, may offer temporary comfort by administering cold water to their pet’s skin using a sponge, hose, or bath until medical help arrives.

The CEO and President of American Humane said that heatwaves are the most under-recognized hazards to dogs. He further said that American Humane is reaching all of their networks to ensure that people are taking precautions to keep animals safe, healthy, and cool, and we encourage all pet lovers to follow these easy measures to keep their best companions safe, healthy, and cool.

According to the National Weather Service, the summer 2021 heatwaves reached “record” temperatures throughout the United States on numerous occasions, with many locations surpassing 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

President Joe Biden talked about the fatal heat waves that struck the United States and Canada in late June, stating that high heat acts as a risk amplifier for wildfires.