Kelly Clarkson requested a name change soon after her divorce was finalized with ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, creating a stir of speculation regarding her new choice of name.

The Grammy Award Winner had to come forward to clarify the speculation revolving around her choice of the name change.

The 39-year-old singer stated “I just got divorced, so I had to drop my married last name,” “I just kept my middle name for my personal life. I’m still Kelly Clarkson.”

The famous Diva joked around stating “I don’t think I can change Clarkson at this point. I’m 20 years old!”

The speculations started when reports were made public about Kelly filing documents in February regarding a legal change in her name. She petitioned that she wants to be known by her first and middle name only that is Kelly Brianne – this will project that she has moved on and is in the right frame of going forward.

According to different news outlets, the legal documents stated that Clarkson had requested a name change as she wanted to adjust her moniker – as her “new name more fully reflects who she is.”

The American Idol winner was married to Brandon Blackstock, the divorce was finalized earlier this march. Kelly Clarkson will pay a one-time amount of over $1.3 million to her ex-spouse along with $45,601 as monthly child support for her children’s 7-year-old daughter River Rose and 5-year-old son Remington Alexander.

Kelly Clarkson is all set to start hosting a new show called “American Song Contest” along with Snoop Dogg. She called the show “a fresh start.”

“I’m excited about this show. I’m excited about the freshness that it brings,” she said.

The American Song Contest is a show incarnated by the producers of the Eurovision song contest and the voice and is set to premiere this Monday night.

56 artists from different states – some established and some newbies will take the stage to perform their original songs while representing 50 states of America, the U.S territories, and Washington D.C in the American Song Contest.