Russia captured Kherson, a major port city at the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. Kherson became the first city to fall into the hands of Russian troops since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war a week ago.

The mayor of Kherson reported that about 300 people have been killed as the Russian troops march into the city. He also stated that the majority of the dead bodies are beyond recognition because of the usage of high-powered weapons by Russia.

The Russian defence officials claimed on Wednesday that the military troops gained complete control of Kherson which has about 250,000- 300,000 people but the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian officials dutifully denied this piece of information stating that the people of Kherson are still putting a great fight against the Russian army.

Igor Kolykhayev, the mayor of Kherson stated that the Russian military troops entered the council building before taking complete control of the city. He pledged the citizens of the city to remain inside their homes and not to wander on the streets at night time.

The Mayor of Kherson also claimed that there are no Ukrainian armed forces representatives in the city and the city is “surrounded” by the Russian armed forces.

This is a huge victory for Russia, as capturing Kherson will become a gateway towards pushing the Ukrainian troops backward towards Odessa on the southern coast side. Odessa is the third-largest city in Ukraine.

Ihor Kolykhaiev said that as the Russian troops entered the council building of the city, they told the mayor that the Russian army is planning to set up an administrative block very similar to the breakaway states in eastern Ukraine. This was a reference to the kremlin states which pledged with Russia and comprised mainly of the rebel groups. The resistance of Ukraine is becoming weak with each passing day. It is becoming quite impossible to defend their country, freedom, and homes. Most of the Ukrainians are looking for ways to flee the country and are desperate to cross the borders whereas a majority is still putting up a fight for their homeland and are not planning to bow down in front of the Russian troops and president of Russia Vladimir Putin.