As a prominent political individuality of North Korea, Kim Jong un’s news has always ranked amongst the most controversial international headlines on account of his audacious leadership, obstinate political stance and apparently projected regional threat.  Hailing as a successor to his father with little to no political/military experience, he resolutely pursued the Korean nuclear development plan, for which he has time and again raised international apprehensions regarding regional security not only across the border of its arch-rival  South Korea but also of other nations,  in particular the US.

All international sanctions and forced attempts to negotiate with Kim Jong Un on the nuclear program have till date gone in vain which is why North Korea stands in isolation today. With such international limelight 24/7, Kim Jong Un news regarding his limited public appearances during the current course of time have raised a skeptical brow pertaining to his health issues with at times death hoax and succession possibilities surfacing media news on and off.

Kim having Grave Health Issues?

As per speculations of U.S intelligence sources, the latest Kim Jong Un news assumes him to be incurring grave health issues. The assumption comes in the wake of his absence from many public events inclusive of nonattendance in his late grandfather’s anniversary celebrations.  However, South Korean authorities have dismissed any such rumors on grounds of lack of evidence. Kim’s recurrent absence has also failed to pitch in any feedback from the North Korean authorities pertaining to the whereabouts of the autocratic leader. The political and media experts are anxiously eying the end of a 7 decades end to the absolute monarch dynasty of Kim’s family which has brutally ruled the country and deprived its nationals the basic democratic rights – not to mention flared the political arena, especially with the US.

Rule of a Ruthless and Incapable Leader is near to an end

Amidst the aired Kim Jong Un news of his recurrent vague public evasion, the issue of succession seems to be the next political hysteria the media and analysts of the world are in anticipation of in North Korean politics. In fact, it is ironic how Kim who saddled into power at the age of 28, was deemed to be inexperienced, incapable of holding on to power and managing the state of affairs, turned out to be one of the most dominatingly ruthless leaders from his dynasty. He not only proved wrong the internal skepticism regarding his credibility as a leader but also shut down the voices at a global level.

However, under current assumptions and possibilities of his younger sister, Kim Yo Jong (presently his chief advisor) to be the-next-in-power, suppositions based on her earlier inclination towards reconciliation endeavors with the US hypothesize that she may be less rigid and open to political discussions unlike her brother. But a defying factor to her succession to power lies in the fact that the Korean culture is governed somewhat by a patriarchal culture and whether she will break the shackles and win favor of the majority is somewhat premature to gauge.

US Policy towards North Korea

Whether there lies any authenticity in the news of his health issues or not or whether there’s an upcoming transition of power, the international concern and focus pertaining to the US policy towards the country lies under inspection as a determining factor of regional and international policy.   As observed, the US approach towards political relations with North Korea has been somewhat hostile and at times unreasonable, especially during the Trump era which though brought Kim Jong Un to the table talks worsened the situation.

It would not be an overstatement to say that the US stance has been aggressively manipulative and very much against work ethics and political decorum. The United States has miserably failed to resolve the matter via diplomatic conduct to convince North Korea to abandon its nuclear program in the vested interest of the region and global peace.

The attempt to politically and internationally isolate North Korea on the basis of influence, power, and imposed sanctions, maybe a reason why Kim Jong Un as a ruthless autocrat did not oblige to US intimidation to completely shut down its nuclear development program. Just as the US (which has not only built one of the largest nuclear programs in the world but also put them to use in Iraq and Afghanistan) deems it right to nuclear build-up for self-defense purposes, so do other nations. It is not feasible to force a regime-transition on a one-party favor strategy hence, stagnation of talks is the outcome. If desired to steer in the positive direction, then it becomes binding on the US to adopt a flexible and purely diplomatic pathway that functions to normalize relations and steer towards considerate negotiation from both ends, mutual understanding, and attainment of common goals.

A possible proposition to have Kim Jong Un pull back from his rigid stance is that the US sets aside its obstinate condition of denuclearization and lifts sanctions to exhibit an interesting gesture for mutual agreements.  North Korea’s recognition by the US is another factor that can mitigate the hostility between the two countries and serve to be beneficial in the long term. Regretfully, the US is incessantly in pursuit of leaked information by the South Koreans of North Korea and still pursuing devious means to make Kim comply, but in vain. Time and again all Kim Jong Un news highlight his stance of non-compliance to threat.

Regardless of the Kim Jong Un news relating to his deteriorating health, we cannot pass any premature judgment into the fate of the North Korean Regime.  It has since decades proven to be a robust country that has demonstrated its frustrating ability to preserve its command and influence over its masses while safeguarding the national interest from internal and external hostile elements. We must practice a shift from forced compliance and personal targeting to a more respectful stance that amiably and cordially serves at least some transition if not full. It’s high time the US predictions dating back to the 90s forecasting the North Korean collapse of dictatorship were buried.

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Tyeine LaCoat Jones
Tyeine LaCoat Jones
1 month ago

Friends are family are I’m fuck over you now you know I love you right, if you keep playing with the wrong people and know they wrong, then you hurting all we have to do so please stop cause we have a lot to do, Thanks