The coronavirus pandemic has shut down the sports industry in its middle. Games were usually being played and tournaments were occurring but they had to stop due to the pandemic. The manager of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp says that there is a room for improvement for Liverpool, despite their incredible performance in the Premier League Champion.

The football Premier League Champion also known as the English Premier League and considered the second most famous league after the UEFA Champion League. The ongoing Premier League was stopped in between due to the pandemic. In this league, Liverpool was going on top with 25 points ahead of Manchester City, with total of 82 points. Liverpool is on the top for the first time since 1990.

Klopp says that Liverpool can get even better and still there is room of improvement. He told sky news, “We will not change, that’s the first thing, but whether we will be successful depends on what other clubs are doing as well because they have all the chance to improve things, do things better.”

We will not change, we don’t know what the future is for us, this team is not a finished article and we have a lot to improve. He says, “we have fresh blood coming through. We can improve with this team, which is great.

Klopp does not want a forced back of football after the pandemic coronavirus shutdown but admits that it will have a positive impact overall. The news for England football is still not confirmed but the German authorities are planning to restart Bundesliga matches with empty crowds from May 9.

Klopp says that we are all at home and safe so there is no cases or stuff among us. We can practice in groups of two or four or six or eight. We have to wait for the government’s order as we cannot force and will not force in any matter.

He is energetic and passionate. He says if football can lift the mood swings, we can help to give something different to think but we still don’t know when this will be gone.

The pandemic has shut the various sectors. There is no possible way to get out of the homes without the permission of the government. The football fans are eager for the game to begin but as the situation is going worse, it is not possible to let that happen.

Nothing can be done in order to bring back the situation of before pandemic. We can only wait and be hopeful for the possibilities. No matter for how long the coronavirus stays, it will ultimately be gone and life will be back to normal.