Congratulations to Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. The couple is officially engaged as their adorable romance continues to lead the news.

Travis, 45, sat on his knees on the Rosewood Miramar Beach, California on Sunday, October 17, according to sources.

The star shared the breaking news on Instagram, which includes two photos of Kourtney and Travis and the couple were surrounded by roses. Kourtney later flaunted off the engagement ring in a post shared by the daughter of Barker in Alabama.

Kourtney posted two pictures of engagement photos on social media, while she wrote the caption, “forever.”

The pair were first spotted together in a trip to Las Vegas in July which poured down the rumors of engagement of the two love birds. One of the renowned Hairstylists Glen Oropeza shared the photos of the group trip to which she said, “NOWWW I understand why ppl tie the knot in Vegas. There’s nothing like love AND a good time.”

She also added some emojis such as a diamond ring, a simple black heart to her Instagram post.

Few months before the engagement, a source revealed that Kourtney is having a new romance work and is reportedly getting engaged very soon.

“They have big modern families [and they] both are dedicated to their kids. They come from these modern families with modern relationships,” an insider told the news sources back in February. “Both of their families are supportive.”

Soon after that Kourtney and Barker were ready to take another step in their relationship.

“An engagement could be right around the corner for Kourtney and Travis,” the insider said in June. “The engagement would be very over the top since Travis loves impressing her.”

The couple went into a public relation in early 2021. Kourtney Kardashian is a mother of three children – Penelope, Rein, and Mason from her previous relationship with Scott Disick. We wish the couple all the best for their future!