In the entertainment industry, the question of who should play LGBTQ characters in movies and shows has become a popular talk of the town. The question that many are unable to answer is if gay roles should be played by actors who identify themselves as gay or not.

During a recent interview, Kristen Stewart, a thirty-year-old actress, gave her opinion on this statement, and the internet is going crazy.

Kristen is currently promoting her upcoming movie ‘Happiest Season’ that revolves around a lesbian girl named Mackenzie Davis, who invites her girlfriend to spend holidays at her family home. However, Mackenzie’s family is not aware that their daughter is a lesbian.

During her recent interview, when the host questioned her, should gay actors play gay parts? The actress responded with a graceful reply. In her answer, she was very grateful that her career has been outstandingly amazing and privileged.

She also told her story that when she entered the industry, she used to identify herself as straight until she realized she is not. The Charlie’s Angel star also said that playing a different kind of role has always given her creative abundance, and she is appreciative of the many opportunities she’s been given before and is getting currently.

Moreover, Stewart, who is now dating her longtime girlfriend Dylan Meyer continued with an answer to this question that is very vague. As far as movies are concerned, it tells a story, and she does not want to tell a story that she thinks can be told by someone who hasn’t experienced it.

 Only Gay Actors Should Play Gay RolesShe also added another statement that if this has to be true that straight actors must play straight roles, and gay actors must play gay roles, then she should not play straight roles anymore. However, the answer is not as simple black and white. There is a lot of grey area lurking around.

Moreover, she pointed out her character Mackenzie. She said, she didn’t take up the role because Mackenzie identifies as a lesbian, but it was an artful calling that made her do it. She also added that people can do whatever they wish to do, but that they shouldn’t judge others for their choices.

Apart from Kristen, many other actors and actresses don’t believe that the identity of a character should effect their eligibility for the role.