Ex-girlfriend of Zac Stacy, the disgraced former NFL player who was captured on video physically attacking her, voiced her concern that he might strike again as he was released from jail on $10,000 bond on Saturday.

A few days after a disturbing home surveillance video saw him hitting his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans, former NFL running back Stacy was seen leaving the Orange County Jail in Orlando, according to reports.

In the midst of pleading with him to stop, Stacy, 30, hurled the 32-year-old woman into a television and their son’s bouncy seat as their infant watched from the couch.

Evans said in an Instagram post that the incident took place on Saturday morning.

Despite the fact that Stacy had been arrested for extreme assault in less than 48 hours, Zac Stacy was freed with a Louis Vuitton toiletry bag and an unidentified woman at his side.

Evans sobbed as she watched a court-ordered broadcast of her ex-husband’s coming from jail.

As per the news website, Stacy had been assaulting Evans since May, when she found out she was expecting a child.

She stated that the memories of the torment she had endured at the hands of a man she had previously loved was too much for her to handle. She said that he had bullied her for such a long period of time that she had come to believe that she was to fault for everything that had occurred to her.

She describes the experience as a total and utter horror, and she is well aware that other women have endured much worse.

According to court records, Evans claimed in a restraining order filed on Monday that her ex-boyfriend planned to kill her.

Following what seems to have been a disagreement about rent money in August, she alleges she was attacked by him.

She told about being assaulted by him many times in order to get vengeance on him for the money he had given her for their apartment rent.

Evans continued by saying that after hitting her twice in the legs, he slapped her and then threw her through the shattered glass. She maintains that she was the one who removed the glass from her feet on her own.

She also claims that she was struck in the face by him in September.