One of America’s most famous personalities, Kylie Jenner, who is usually in the news for one or the other reason, has made headlines once again for some good reason. The 23-year-old model and businesswoman have donated $500,000 from the revenue collected via her cosmetic brand to develop a lounge for teenage cancer survivors.

A non-profit organization Teen Cancer America that works to improve the lives of teens and young adult cancer survivors, and make their lives meaningful, inaugurated a lounge recently at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital in Vanderbilt, where these survivors will continue with their lives while being treated.

Kylie Jenner donates $500,000 for a lounge specially designed for young cancer fighters.1

In an official tweet, Teen Cancer America thanked Kylie Jenner and her friend Harry Hudson, who is also a cancer survivor, for their contribution to building a safe space named, Seacrest Studios for the young fighters. Along with the message the tweet featured some pictures as well, in which Harry was giving a virtual tour and a sneak peek of the studio to the patients.

The reports suggest that this Studio is surely a recreational space featuring the main room with a large T.V screen, where the patients can enjoy lighthearted shows. Moreover, there is a meditation room and a video gaming room as well.

When the make-up mogul was asked about her kind act, she praised the work of Teen Cancer America and she felt blessed to be a part of this project. Moreover, she thanked her friend, Harry for introducing her to the organization and was delighted to see the Studio coming to life. In the end, she wished all the luck and best wishes to the cancer fighters and their families.

Kylie Jenner donates $500,000 for a lounge specially designed for young cancer fighters.

As per the reports, the process to build a space like Seacrest Studios started back in 2017, and Kylie’s social media post from back then further proves the claim. In the post, she thanked everyone who helped her in collecting the donation, along with an announcement of donating $500,000 for the cause from the revenue from the sales of her birthday collection.

Furthermore, in a statement, Harry Hudson, who is a survivor of stage 3 Hodgkin lymphoma and the initiator of the Seacrest Studios plan, thanked his friend, Jenner, for her generous donation. He explained that he always wanted to do something that would help bring happiness to the lives of the young people who are fighting with one of the fatal diseases.