A new teaser of Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 18 is out. The teaser revealed many bits of upcoming dramas in the show along with a piece of bad news too. 

The shooting of the show didn’t discontinue even during the pandemic. According to a clip in the teaser, Kylie Jenner disclosed the news of someone close, apparently a family member, to be affected by the coronavirus.  

Kylie did not specify any name in the teaser but she seemed a bit down. People are assuming that it might be someone from the family itself. 

The whole Kardashian family is seen inside their home due to the pandemic. A segment of brief moments showed how the family is spending these hard times. Kim Kardashian seems to be having a hard time with schooling her children at home. All family members are seen wearing masks. 

Just like everyone else, the Kardashian family is also having a really hard time being away from each other. Kris Jenner is shown crying on the phone since she can’t meet her daughters and she’s missing them badly.

Despite the troublesome times, the drama and gossip is still a big part of the show. During a conference call, mother Kris Jenner was seen discussing Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s relationship, with her daughters. Scott Disick was also a part of the conference call. 

This season has so much going on. There are bits from Kanye West’s fashion show that was in Paris. And not quite surprising, some arguments and fights between the sisters, too. Kendall Jenner is also seen being in some trouble, which was shown in a flashy call of her with Corey Gamble. 

The teaser also showed a flash of a startling moment where something might have happened to Kendall. The show’s teaser succeeded in grabbing the audience’s attention and people can’t wait for it.