Kyrie Irving, Brooklyn Nets’ starting point guard, announced last night on his Instagram he has decided to not get vaccinated for Covid-19. The news comes just a day after Nets owner Joe Tsai and General Manager Sean Marks made the decision public about not letting him join the team for the upcoming championship.

Coach Steve Nash called it a difficult but sound decision and made it clear about moving forward without Kyrie Irving. “We are just going to move on, and if things change, it would be incredible to have him back in the fold. It was a tenuous situation to have a player in and out like that. There’s more clarity, and we can focus on the future and get going.” said Nash, about Irving’s position.

“What would you do if you felt uncomfortable going into the season when you were promised that you have exemptions or that you didn’t have to be forced to get the vaccine? This wasn’t an issue before the season started. This wasn’t something that I foresaw coming where I prepared for it and had a chance to strategize on what was going to be best for me and my family.” said Kyrie Irving.

The decision came in light of all the speculation made about Kyrie Irving‘s presence in the games as well as the New York City’s vaccine mandates, that prohibit any unvaccinated players to play the home game. The same goes for the matches to be played in San Francisco. The NBA had warned the Nets as well as other teams who are set to play games in those respective cities. Their first game is against defending champions, Milwaukee Bucks, in the upcoming season.

“Don’t believe that I’m going to give up this game for a vaccine mandate or staying unvaccinated,” Irving added regarding his decision to retire from the game.