One of the top talents in the NBA 2020 draft, LaMello Ball, has recently signed a shoe deal with Puma. The company announced the collaboration on Twitter with a short 9-second clip of the player shooting hoops at the court.

He commented on the announcement, expressing that he wants to be his most authentic self and he thinks the partnership with Puma will allow him to do that. This news was first reported in August this year but has been confirmed two months later today.

His family also has a business called Big Baller Brand through which Ball launched his signature shoes, which provides him a significant advantage over the other amateur players entering the NBA draft this year.

Ball’s father was hoping to use his son’s fame to promote his business; however, after the signing of this deal, they will most likely go out of business. Ball’s older brother, Lonzo, has also stated that he will be picking his representation and is looking for an endorsement deal for himself as well.

Ball has previously expressed his desire to be the top pick in the NBA Draft and he is under consideration, however, he has competition from a few other players as well.

There are several competitive advantages the player has, besides his shoe launch. He has already played internationally in Lithuania and Australia in professional basketball.

Moreover, he also has a distinct playing style which is renowned for.

Puma’s Global Director of Brand and Marketing has also commented on the player’s abilities, saying that the player’s personal style and dynamic playing approach made him the perfect candidate for Puma.

Puma’s Global Director of Brand and MarketingHe also welcomed the young star to the team and is excited to see what the future has in store for the athlete and how he will impact the world of basketball.

Ball claims that people have always called him mysterious and commented that he’s ‘not from here’ however he has taken pride in that statement and made it the focus of his product launch. His collaboration with Puma is titled ‘Not from Here’.

The two will also be working on a few charity programs to donate clothes and equipment and to refurbish courts to facilitate young players and encourage them to continue playing the sport.