According to the news update, 5 people have been detained among which are two women and three men in connection with the killing of the 27-year-old LAPD officer Fernando Arroyos during a theft attempt in the Florence neighborhood, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department revealed on Tuesday.

“We mourn the loss of Officer Fernando Uriel Arroyos, who was killed while off-duty in a senseless act of violence. Officer Arroyos is survived by his parents & girlfriend.

God bless his family who lost their loved one, & the men and women of the dept during this difficult time”, Tweeted the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Tuesday midnight.

The 3-year veteran of LAPD, who was designated to the Olympic Division, got killed in a gunshot on Monday near 87th and Beach streets. The officers investigating the case revealed a black pick-up truck approached the officer and three of the suspects got off the car.

A discord ensued before the gunshots were heard, killing Arroyos on the street. Allegedly, he was on a house hunt with his girlfriend the night he got killed, said the police officials.

The sheriff’s department stated, “no one has been charged with the murder of Arroyos, and the names of the five people detained are not being released at this time”.

Tuesday morning, a procession was spotted escorting Arroyos’ body to the coroner’s office from the facility.

“This man died a hero trying to defend himself and his girlfriend,” said L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“He had a promising future, a bright future, that was taken away viciously, over a street robbery,” said Moore on Tuesday to the LAPD Board of Police Commissioners.

Arroyos’ friends and fellow officers described him as modest, dedicated, and bright.

The only child to his parents, Arroyos’ had two dreams in life, first was to be the “first person in his family to go to college. He accomplished that by graduating from UC Berkeley with honors”. And the second was to become a respectable LAPD officer