A 45 years-old woman named Nerissa Regnier died of COVID-19 recently, after being denied the vaccination by her medical provider. Regnier’s family is proceeding to sue Kaiser for her wrongful death, as the family claims she went and got denied for the jab seven times in the past six months.

Regnier has Multiple Sclerosis, commonly known as MS, is a disease affecting the central nervous system. In simple terms, MS causes communication issues between your brain and the rest of your body, leading to likely severe nerve damage. Regnier was a real estate agent professionally, and a mother of three children aged 14, 16, and 19, living in Mission Viejo, California. She died of COVID-19 in December 2021.

According to the family’s attorney, Annee Della Donna, she was also denied monoclonal antibody treatment by her healthcare provider, Kaiser, after she contracted the virus and her health started deteriorating.

Attorney Donna reportedly said, “She was a very healthy mother of three managing her MS,” adding that the claim by Kaiser regarding not giving her client the vaccine is false as, “When you’re immunocompromised you need the COVID-19 vaccine.” Donna said that Regnier was denied the vaccine on claims of there being a “live virus” in it and while she was inquiring about the vaccine she was on a new medication that had affected her immune system badly.

Donna denied the claim to be true and said, “They keep telling her no, no, no.” adding how Regnier’s neurologist told her in August that she had to get her vaccine. She continued, “Two days later she runs over to Kaiser to get the COVID vaccine and she’s feeling symptoms so they test her and she’s got COVID,” instead of treating her as any other immunocompromised patient, she was given steroids and antibiotics, that are not suitable for someone in her position.

Donna mentioned that after Kaiser denied providing her the monoclonal antibody treatment, Regnier’s husband, David, moved her to Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian where they were told it was already too late for her. After she got stable at Hoag, they moved her back to the Kaiser hospital where she died in December.

Another attorney for the family, Eric Dubin said, “Twice, this husband relied on Kaiser for medical guidance and twice they failed him. It’s a devastating case,” while Attorney Donna also said, “Everyone should know that COVID-19 vaccines are not live vaccines. We also spoke to the manufacturer of the medication she was on, and they stated there was absolutely no issue with getting the vaccine while taking their drug,” stressing how they were pursuing the case because they don’t want Regnier’s life to be in vain.