Hypothetical matchups always trigger great debates in different eras. The debates go on and on without reaching a conclusion. Still, it is so much fun to discuss such hypothetical matchups.

Quinn Cook of Cleveland Cavaliers sparked a debacle by asking a fun question: Who would win a two-on-two game for the ages if Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant are partnered against Laker’s legend Magic Johnson and Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird?

It’s really hard to determine a clear winner between these two pairs. Many basketball legends have come up with their two cents regarding this great matchup. Bird and Johnson are already in the Hall of Fame while Durant and James will most probably be the first-ballot inductees when they hang up their boots.

FS1’s Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless called the quartet “Undisputed”. Sharpe took James and Durant’s side and believed that Johnson and Bird are no match in strength to the opposite pair.

For Bayless, Johnson and Bird would definitely have a psychological edge over Durant and James. He claimed that James and Durant will have a physical advantage, but still, it will be intangible in front of the players who have played under Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

It is noteworthy that James and Durant have been rivals three times in different NBA finals, just like Johnson and Bird have faced each other in NBA finals.

Durant and James played a vital role, leading the U.S. to an Olympic gold medal at London 2012. Meanwhile, Johnson and Bird were members of the legendary US basketball team in 1992.

Both pairs have outstanding chemistry, and the athletic expertise is no equal to anyone else currently active in the game. But this is a battle that cannot be settled in the court and is hypothetical only. The debate has raged fans all over the world to determine the winner of this amazing matchup.