Robby Hayes and Jef Holm are not the only former Bachelorette candidates to establish a friendship, but their relationship did not last long.

Holm was introduced to Bachelor Nation during Emily Maynard’s season 8 of The Bachelorette. Maynard and Holm were engaged at the July 2012 finale and they called it quits in October. Hayes would not be introduced to fans until the 12th season of the ABC series when he fought for JoJo Fletcher’s affections. The Fletchers chose Jordan Rodgers in the final two and are still in a relationship with the football star.

Meanwhile, Robby Hayes appeared on the 4th season of Bachelor in Paradise and dated Amanda Stanton. While he returned to BiP in 2018 for season 5, he did not make any significant romantic ties on the beach.

Hayes and Holm did not appear on-screen together but met in 2017 during Nick Viall’s Women Tell All taping. Chase McNary, who starred in Fletcher’s season with Hayes, also made friends with Holm.

Robby Hayesinformed US Weekly in April that they ended up partying at his house. He said that his two roommates were relocating and offered the chance to take their place. He said that from his window, you can view the Venice Beach Pier and that is the distance between them and the beach, which is astounding.

The three used Instagram to chronicle their relationship over the following year.

Captioning a photo of both of them, Hayes wrote, “Because Saturdays are for the guys. # Stagecoach # TheLostBoys “

While the precise date of Hayes and Holm’s fallout is unknown, the latter filed a lawsuit against the ex-swimmer in August 2021.

Holm says Hayes claims to have goods and that is why he enters, but he is not on the lease and is instilling dread in me by claiming that Hayes enters the premises and gets aggressive at least “once a week.”

Holm was later given a restraining order, a temporary one, against Hayes by a court.

Continue reading for more information from the court papers and all you need to know about Hayes and Holm:

When They Lived Together

Hayes relocated to Holm’s residence in the spring of 2017. They were still living in the same house in 2019, according to Arie Luyendyk Jr. Hayes and Holm’s relationship was discussed during season 22 of The Bachelor when Hayes lahed back at Holm’s remark that Luyendyk Jr. wouldn’t survive as the winner of season 2018.

Luyendyk Jr. stated in January 2019 on the “Almost Famous” podcast that he still lives with Robby and hangs out with his circle of friends, which is great. He said he just doesn’t understand why he had to follow his heart and be so nasty when his own relationship didn’t turn out to be successful.

The Accusations

Holm said in the restraining order petition that Hayes used to reside at his home but no longer does. He continues to access the premises and harass him, and he feels unsafe in his presence.

He furthest recounted an alleged event in July 2021, saying that he was alone in his house when he suddenly and violently began threatening him, and he felt very uncomfortable. [Robby] screamed at me, threatened me, and forced his way in.

The Restraining Order Details

On August 9, 2021, Holm obtained a temporary restraining order, with the court directing Hayes to remain 100 yards away from his old buddy. Hayes must also avoid Holm’s home, job, and car.

The Next Hearing

The court’s temporary restraining order will remain in effect until August 30, 2021, at which time Holm will be able to testify as to why the injunction should be made “permanent” (a.k.a. extended for three to five years). Hayes, who has not yet responded publicly, may also make a statement in his defense.