New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing severe backlash over his alleged role in concealing the exact data of deaths in the nursing homes during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

He accepted that there was indeed a delay in the release of the data but claims that he has committed no crime.

However, legal experts believe that the government’s role in covering up nursing home data is a criminal offense.

U.S. Attorney General John Daukas also holds the opinion that what Melissa DeRosa has admitted is intentional, can be used as a criminal offense investigation.

The scandal emerged when secretary to Governor Melissa DeRosa revealed that last year the state government has intentionally delayed submitting nursing home data to the state.

Following the scandal, the federal prosecutors and the FBI have begun a joint investigation to ascertain Governor Cuomo’s involvement in covering up the nursing home data.

Governor Cuomo has admitted that when the data was requested, there was a delay in submitting the information.

He further added that the state government had already explained to the state legislature at that time. He asserted that although there was a delay in the submission of nursing home data, the data provided was accurate and there was no false information reported.

The New York Governor, who once won appreciation for his effective response to the epidemic, is now in trouble because of this scandal. Many public figures have called out for his resignation.

This particular scandal has greatly tarnished Cuomo’s public image.

The initial investigation into the matter revealed that the number of deaths in nursing homes was about 50% higher than the mentioned in the official reports.

The Cuomo Administration has also been severely criticized for the way more than 9000 coronavirus patients were treated. Many of the patients were sent back to the nursing homes without recovery.

More than 46,000 infected patients have died due to this reckless handling of the pandemic by the New York Administration.