During his visit to Glasgow for the COP26 fringe event in Maryhill, Leonardo DiCaprio was snapped at other places, as well while having dinners and visiting galleries.

A recent picture is making rounds on the internet of the Wolf of Wall Street actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, and National Articulation of Indigenous Women Ancestrality Warriors delegates having dinner at The Citizen restaurant. The picture was taken post New York Times Climate Hub talks that happened at SWG3.

One of the members of National Articulation of Indigenous Women Ancestrality Warriors who is also an educator and an activist of Xakriabá, the people of Brazil, Célia Xakriabá shared the picture with the Oscar-winning actor along with a heartfelt caption.

“Our message at Cop26, there is no solution to the climate crisis without the demarcation of lands and indigenous peoples.”

“Actor @leonardodicaprio met today with Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestrality @anmigaorg at a dinner with funding partners and supporters of our projects at the invitation of Nia Tero. The fight for Mother Earth is the mother of all struggles!”

Apart from attending a dinner with the delegates of National Articulation of Indigenous Women Ancestrality Warriors, DiCaprio was also snapped during his visit at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery for Stella McCartney’s exhibition a day before. There he was snapped while shaking hands with the UK’s Crown Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

When asked about the reaction of DiCaprio from Stella McCartney about the exhibition, she stated, “He’s just like ‘I can’t believe you’re the only person in fashion doing this’ and I think he’s a bit gobsmacked I don’t have more colleagues joining forces with me.”

Apart from the COP climate change Summit and Extinction Rebellion protests, Glasgow has become one of the center attractions for celebrities as known faces from across the world are flying to Glasgow.

Apart from Leonardo DiCaprio, known names like Emma Watson, The Duke, and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Williams, and Kate Middleton were also snapped during their visit to Glasgow.