A recently published report by the Hollywood Reporter has accused famous names of spreading false information regarding vaccination on their social handles. “A number of performers, from Rob Schneider (now shooting Netflix’s “Home Team”) to Letitia Wright (filming Marvel’s “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”) have shared anti-vaccine statements on social media.”

The report also includes the name of one of the most famous Marvel characters, Shuri, which is essayed by Letitia Wright.

Wright has not done this for the first time as she was under heavy criticism before as well for sharing anti-vaccine views on her social handles.

Last year, she posted a 60-minute video, in which a London’s Church leader had shared his suspicions and doubt regarding the ingredients used to make the vaccine for Covid-19.

A source reports another incident where she has shared similar views, “A set source says she has espoused similar views about the Covid-19 vaccines on the Atlanta production.”

Shortly after sharing her views publicly, Wright was subjected to intense criticism for being ‘irresponsible,’ and sharing misinformation. During that time, she deactivated all her social handles. However, before doing so, she replied to a few comments to clear her stance.

“If you don’t conform to popular opinions. but ask questions and think for yourself….you get canceled,” Wright wrote in one tweet.While replying to another tweet, she tried to clear out that she is not an anti-vaxxer, but she needs to know how it will affect her body, “just thinking about what’s in it and if my body will react negatively or not.”

America is divided over the authenticity of vaccines and is skeptical if it is some kind of a hoax. However, according to the CDC report, unvaccinated individuals are 11 times more likely to die of Covid, and the unvaccinated population accumulated 92% of deaths, 93% of hospitalizations, and 95% of cases from April to June.

Another report by Insider’s Erin Snodgrass suggests that vaccination has not only saved 1.25 million hospitalizations, but it has also saved the lives of over 300,000 individuals.