LG has been an underrated electronics brand over these last few years. Their laptops however have not been as underrated, rather preferred by users in the market. The Gram 17 Ultrabook, for example, is already used by many, who like the easy and convenient features of LG. The laptop, however, has had some changes made in its features with the new updates, which is what this LG Gram 17 Review is about. We never shy away from some elaborative analysis of a critically acclaimed good device.

It’s difficult to make sure you get everything within a product, even though many top brands try to ensure that in their latest products. But there are always complaints, faults, and requirements that are not meant. Which is to say, no product can be completely perfect for everybody. There’s always some issue, bothering some users. This is why this review will objectively explore both the positives and negatives of the Gram 17 laptop. Even if the negatives are not as much as bad features but rather disappointments on what could have been better. Let’s start with specifications with the updates brought in 2021.


ProductGram 17 Ultrabook
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home (64 bit)
ProcessorIntel 11th Gen Core i7-1165G7, 2.8 GHz
RAM16GB LPDDR4X 4266MHz, – 16GB
BluetoothBluetooth 5.1
Display size17.0″
ResolutionWQXGA (2560 x 1600)
GraphicsIntel Iris Xe Graphics
AudioStereo Speaker 2.0W x 2, Max 5W (Smart Amp)
Weight2.98 lbs (1,350g)
PortsStandard HDMI, USB-C, UFS/Micro-SD, USB-A, Headphone Out, DC-In
Warranty1 year


Before we talk about the key features, we should see how many updates there have been from the previous model. These are updates made in the Gram 17 laptop within this year. The first rendition of the laptop was in 2019, which is considered the original version. But ever since then, there have been many updates, some big, some small. Those will be highlighted here before we start on the key features of the laptop.

25% Faster CPU Performance – The processor update from Intel Core i5 to Core i7 among many other things is responsible for the faster CPU performance. Earlier the laptop worked fine, and speed was not an issue that bothered users. But there’s a difference in user experience when there is a shift in the performance and speed of a device.

Since a lot of jobs these days are in the creative field, it requires not just a smooth-running system but a fast system that does not take hours to process things for you. And this faster CPU experience makes sure of that. This is of course subjective of your use of the system as well, for example, it will not be ideal for gaming and high involvement creative work that involves multiple big software. 25% faster can make a huge difference in the tasks that you perform using the laptop.

1.84X Faster Graphic Performance – The importance of visual aesthetics often gets ignored when you are concerned with smaller more compact computing devices such as this laptop. Although the screen size on this thing would beg being defined as anything other than compact or small. Regardless, the previous somewhat-okay graphics of the Gram 17 have also been improved and the performance on video/animated content has been improved significantly.

Faster graphic performance, combined with faster CPU performance works much better than you think. The computing time of graphics can get tedious where high-intensity graphics are involved. This is still not compatible if you consider gaming, those might still require a separate GPU/Graphics card from you. But for a laptop, this update is a good addition.

33% Faster DDR4 4266Mhz Memory – LG calls the laptop heavyweight power because the new memory update is also significantly faster in terms of the work required out of it. When you think about a high-performing device, you don’t think about what goes behind the scenes that make that system work like that. Or normally people don’t. If you are a tech enthusiast/expert, you might know. Faster memory also contributes to faster systems and the overall performance of the device.

Better typing experience –  The improvements in the design of the laptop are some of the major changes and updates in the laptop. Apart from the main display size, this is another significant change in the laptop’s display. The keypad keys are broader than before, and the overall keyboard is flatter to promote faster, more fluent typing. This might not be huge for all users, but it is a relevant update.

The touchpad is wider as well to give more room for you to access the cursor and move it around, without needing to attach a wired mouse for more fluency. Three ways in which this fluency is enhanced for the users; expanded keycaps, enhanced keystroke, and wider touchpad. If you are a person who has a writing-intensive job then improved typing conditions might be a plus for you. Also for those creative workers and gamers that require a standard system to run the intense software and games.

Improved usability – By improved usability, the LG website specifically meant the one-touch access and Android phone connection, but it can be applied to almost all other updates that have made using the laptop easier. By connecting your phone, the feature means the laptop mirrors your android smartphone completely.

The 4-way slim bezel is meant to be elevating your screen experience. By adapting to these small changes, the laptop allows the user to max out their comfort level while using the device, easing out the processes and cutting down computing time. Overall, these changes are not that huge, but ultimately they combine to improve customer experience.

  • Large screen size
  • Minimal and sleek design
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Smooth and convenient keyboard and keypad
  • Better memory processor performance
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Minimal-to-no updates with the display resolution
  • The interface could do better
  • No touchscreen ability

Key Features


Starting the design aspect of this  LG Gram 17 Review with the much talked about laptop size. This is one of the key features because it is considered a must-have for its screen size, for those that prefer big-screened devices. There are many reasons for which one would prefer a big screen in our devices, some related to different abilities and some just based on preference.

Regardless, the 16:10 Display with a 17-inch size is quite a big one for a laptop. Especially now that smaller devices are being preferred so that they are easy to carry around. The mobility aspect of the laptops is very important. This is why few people find the extra big screen quite a con instead of a benefit. But the redemption factor in this one is that it is not heavy, in fact, it weighs less than 3 lbs.

The external material on the laptop is magnesium-alloy that makes sure the weight stays lower even though the laptop screen is quite big. The design is additionally, ultra-slim and ultra-portable, making it easy to be carried to places. The all-inclusive view of the laptop makes sure all your visual experiences are optimal. It also has Up-Down Air Thermal Solution, making the device safe to use for long hours without it malfunctioning in case of overworking.

Processor performance

The processing performance has been significantly improved with the 11th Gen Intel Core processor. This update in the processor combined with the Iris Xe graphics makes the overall CPU performance 1.2X better and the graphics performance 1.8X better. The updated graphics editing and creating experience is now much better than the previous one. It helps you achieve a better level of work. 

In its capacity, the laptop can take lightweight games that don’t require large amounts of computing. But that depends entirely on the system and the game itself. According to PCMark 10 rankings, the 2021 edition of this laptop rose in points, from the 2020s 4,157 to 4,883. Another scaling of rankings happened at Geekbench 5 where the 2021 edition of Gram 17 saw a significant increase from 3,349 to 5,224 due to its overall improvement in performance. 

The performance of any device such as a laptop or PC depends on multiple factors instead of a singular aspect. Working on each of those aspects can help improve the collective performance of a device. This is why the updates in the system matter because they are targeted to improve the overall experience users get from the Gram.


The audio on the laptop is covered via two bottom-firing speakers that are handled using the DTS:X Ultra software. It is a fairly competent audio system that allows you to comfortably play any videos or audio alone in full speaker mode. It is entirely subjective to how you find the placement of those speakers, but overall it isn’t a negative point.

The DTS Headphone X also provides a great built-in audio experience for all your audio moments that you want to experience in the confines of the headphones. The audio experience is indeed different with speakers and headphones. This is why Gram makes sure the basics for both are covered.

However, there have been arguments about how much better it would be if the speakers on the laptop were top-firing instead of bottom-firing, alongside the large space of the keyboard. It would be more accessible, less prone to heat your lap if you are using it placed there. But it is subjective to the users and their preference, many do not find the placement much of an issue.


In terms of appearance, there are two options, black, and silver, both of which make the device look very sleek with its minimal design. The magnificent change from the 2020s 78% DCI-P3 color gamut to 100% DCI-P3 in this 2021 edition of the laptop is worth the praise. Many are even going as far as to say that the only thing lacking to make the display screen on this edition perfect is the touch-screen ability. But there are many cons to having a touch-screen feature to a display this big.

The only thing that might be going in the other direction than improvement, is the brightness on the display. It is not that significant a drop, but it could be a problem for someone specific with how they prefer their laptop lighting to be. But the whole 2560×1600 resolution and 16:10 aspect cover the resolution where it matters.

The display is important because the graphic unit will have no impact on the performance of the visual content in your laptop if the display is not good enough in itself. The improved display is pivotal and is great for all kinds of creative work that is graphics-based. What is lacking is HDR, and wide-color-gamut that would have significantly improved the display as well. But its absence does not take anything away from how well the display performs.


The battery is an important component of any electronic rechargeable device, it proves how accessible the device is and how well it does in terms of mobility. If you know the moment of euphoria when your phone battery is finally charged enough for you to unplug the charge and move away from the socket, this will be easier for you to understand.  It is somewhat the same for when you have your laptop plugged in and cannot use it lying down, right? At least we think so.

The battery on this Gram 17 is a good important factor, even before the update. But the laptop now has up to 19.5 hours with its 72Wh battery making it good to use during intense working hours or recreational activities. Content streaming now takes hours away in a blink and you need a good device with a battery that lasts a good time without bothering you. The Gram 17 is a device exactly for that purpose, the lightweight body, fast performance, and long-lasting battery are all a combined effort at making your digital experience better.

Usually, laptops that have a screen as big as this one are not as focused on longer battery life as they are on better screen performance. But Gram 17 breaks that barrier by being faster and long standing with its battery life that will have you removed from all the worry about the battery life running out.

Built-in intelligence

Apart from other technological features that simplify the laptop such as the fingerprint reader, the built-in Alexa also makes the device quite attractive to some. Not all laptops are inhibited with built-in intelligence systems that can take over for you when you want to. Again, the subjectivity is there, however, and it is obvious too. You can choose to utilize it as you like but it is no game-changer in terms of what the assistive system can do for you.

Buy or Pass

This is a part of the LG Gram 17 Review where many expect a final and cohesive decision or at least a way towards the decision. The way has been paved throughout the review process since the elaborate analysis started. What you read was all part of the decision-making process, and not everyone is going to buy the laptop after reading this.

It all comes down to how the features translate for you. If you think those that are highlighted might be beneficial for you enough to invest such a large sum of money into it, it is no different than the person who decided the opposite. Either way, an informed decision is what makes your purchase a win. Your review of the performance of the laptop will not come until you use it, which is why it is important to decide based on these critical analyses

Honestly, there are other competitive options out there that might be more helpful for you than this one, but it goes over one or the other aspect. Some might be above the price of Gram 17 and some might be below with less attractive features that do not make your life as easy. If your budget allows you, you can go for the options that have more advanced features. If you are however restricted in that area and want a handy laptop that is also packed with some great features, LG Gram 17 is a good buy.