When it comes to applying for life insurance, life insurance policies require a range of medical tests. This is because your current medical condition helps the insurance company to find the best premium insurance policy for you.

In case you’re suffering serious health conditions, you may need medical insurance to cover the price of your treatments, but how do you know when you’re paying too much for too extensive coverage?.

However, this may not be the case every time. You can actually obtain life insurance with no medical examination from many insurance companies. Life insurance comes in two different types where you don’t need to go through an intense medical evaluation which traditionally takes two months to complete. These types include a life insurance policy with no exam for guaranteed or simplified coverage, which is the best option for many.

How to get life insurance with no medical exam?

Because of the pandemic’s upsurge in the U.S., the need for insurance policies without medical exams has elevated. Insurance companies are now providing simple solutions to get the policy called instant life insurance. Through this, patients would be able to receive prompt medical coverage without undergoing any urine or blood exam.

Instant Life Insurance

As it is very obvious from the name itself, the instant insurance policy doesn’t take too much time to process. You have to fill up an application online and submit it. The process will take a few minutes to complete.

This type of life insurance is significantly different from guaranteed life insurance coverage. Guaranteed life insurance doesn’t require you to submit your medical history, however, it retains a high cost with a low medical coverage facility.

As for instant life insurance, it uses an accelerated underwriting process to collect your medical history.  Through this process, your medical history is automatically compiled from the different sources to create a funnel of your data. This data funnel is used to put in an algorithm to calculate the risk of your death at a particular age.

The insurance company providing life insurance with no medical exam uses this data to analyze if you’re eligible to receive instant insurance coverage. The application processes within minutes and once you are eligible, you have the coverage quote to pursue with no hassle. You have to e-sign the application and require to make your first payments, to begin with, your instant insurance policy.

The greatest advantage of having instant insurance is that it doesn’t compromise on the limit of the coverage. Based on the company you are signing up with, it is easy to get coverage of any kind: be it for a $10,000 limit or an $8 million limit.

You also have the option of choosing an insurance company offering flexible insurance terms. For example, depending on the life insurance policy you have applied for, if you opt for whole life insurance, it will provide you the coverage for your whole life. On the other hand, term-based insurance coverage would provide you the coverage for a specific duration.

What are the benefits of choosing instant life insurance?

According to research, 54% of Americans are covered with life insurance, while the rest of the population waits to get older when they need an appropriate life insurance policy at their back.

However, according to Business Insider, you should get your life insurance policy in your 20s which is the best time to have one for yourself. This is because as you age, you get prone to diseases and it gets easier for you to expose yourself to the most serious diseases such as COVID. At this time, you get higher rates on your insurance premium.

This is one of the positive reasons explaining why you should apply for instant insurance coverage. Furthermore, as the application process is easy and less time-consuming, you would receive the quote for your policy without waiting for days and months.

Moreover, while everything processes online, you don’t need to submit extensive checks or send urine/blood samples. During the process, you may need to answer a series of questions online or be required to fill a form.

Other than the information you provide; the insurance company would gather the data from other sources as well. For example, your previously finished drug report would be examined to analyze what medication you have been on. Plus, if you’ve been using another insurance company, the Medical Insurance Bureau will determine the credibility of your finances through accessing the records. Additionally, the insurance company will go through your driving records, to make sure that you haven’t received any DUI convictions and your driving record as a whole.

How to apply?

As mentioned earlier, you can apply for your instant insurance online. However, it is suggested that before you apply for insurance coverage, you must familiarize yourself with the underwriting process.

The instant insurance coverage provider follows three types of underwriting:

Automated underwriting wholly depends on the algorithm to approve someone for instant insurance coverage.

Accelerated underwriting works on the creation of a data funnel using an algorithm to decide whether the application fits the requirement for approval.

Simplified issue underwriting requests comparatively less data than any other type of underwriting. Although, if a health risk is high, low coverage will be offered.

It is best suggested that when you need instant insurance coverage, look for the company that provides accelerated underwriting. Then research the company options that best match your needs.

Final remarks

Once you submit your application online and it gets approved, then you can proceed with your insurance coverage by accepting the quote through making an e-signature and your first payment.

In an unfortunate event if your application gets rejected, then you can apply for another time, but you won’t be covered. You have to apply for guaranteed or typical life insurance policies.

A message that usually pops up when you submit your application online is ‘referred to the underwriter’. This message generally comes in when the information provided in the online application isn’t adequate or is incomplete.

The insurance company refers your application to an expert underwriter, who will then contact you directly to determine the necessary information and analyze the risk element.