Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to New York Governor Cuomo, has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against her former boss. She claims that Gov. Cuomo touched and kissed her ‘inappropriately’.

She served as the Deputy Secretary for Economic Development & Special Advisor to the Governor.

She has claimed that during her tenure, she was told by other staff members that Governor Cuomo is interested in her. Boylan said that she had also shared screenshots of emails and text messages with her mother at the time. Further she also complained to her friends that the governor was doing everything possible to touch her ‘inappropriately’. Lastly, she says in 2018, Cuomo kissed her during a meeting at the governor’s office in Manhattan.

This is yet another blow for the Governor, whose reputation has already been tarnished by the nursing home data cover-up scandal.

Boylan first came up with allegations in December, claiming that Cuomo had harassed her for years, but the governor had denied the allegations during a press conference at the time.

Boylan has also shared how the governor passed ‘inappropriate’ comments during a flight from an event.

Governor Cuomo has not made any comments in relation to the recent revelations by Boylan.