The 78-year-old Line 5 pipeline is the latest cause of concern for the Biden administration, as it ponders efforts to cut down the environmental impact of the U.S. economy. The immediate need to move towards clean energy is not resulting in an easy decision-making process for the current administration. They have the native tribes and environmentalists in favor of shutting down the controversial pipeline, whilst, on the other side Republican lawmakers, in favor of the pipeline company, are arguing for it to stay.

The Line 5 pipeline is owned by Enbridge, a multinational Canadian gas distribution and pipeline company. It runs from Superior, Wisconsin all the way to Sarnia, Ontario, through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Recently, 12 federally recognized Michigan Native tribes sent a letter to President Biden, urging him to shut down the Line 5 pipeline.  The letter read, “The Governor, the Attorney General, and our Tribal Nations need your Administration’s help… During your campaign, you promised that you would heed our concerns and act to protect our fundamental interests. We view Line 5 as an existential threat to our treaty-protected rights, resources, and fundamental way of life as Anishinaabe people of the Great Lakes.”

Meanwhile, there has also been an appeal from the Republican representatives of the state, via a letter to the President regarding the speculation of Line 5 pipeline shut down. Bob Latta of  Ohio’s 5th congressional district, led as other lawmakers joined in opposing the closing of the oil pipeline.

The letter they sent addressed the issue of propane and other energy price hikes saying, “Line 5 is essential to the vitality of the Midwest… If this pipeline is closed, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the region. Billions of dollars in economic activity will be at stake. And the environment will be at greater risk as additional trucks operate on roads and railroads that carry dangerous goods.”

So far there hasn’t been a decision regarding whether the Line 5 pipeline will stay or not. Previously the Biden government closed down the Keystone XL pipeline soon after taking office, but also did not stop the Minnesota Pipe Line (MPL). Therefore, the decision, whatever it may be, is set to cause an uproar from either side of the battle.