There are many methods of reducing fat in your body and losing weight medically. You may opt for an all-natural way where you only have to stick sincerely to a strict diet, eating limited calories and keeping your meals low-carb and fiber-rich. Or you may go for lipo shots for weight loss.

A Lipo shot or lipotropic injection, according to some practitioners, boosts the fat breakdown in your body and helps you lose weight faster than natural. The conflict here is that only some non-traditional practitioners believe so, there is no research supporting their claims.

However, there are a myriad of exceptions to be considered, which we will discover in this guide. We will learn what is lipotropic injections if they work, how long does it take for them to work, and finally, are there any alternatives to them?

Let’s start with the definition of Lipotropes that make lipotropic injections.

What are Lipotropes?

The substance that aids your liver with healthy function, breaking down excess fat in your body so that you have enough energy, is known as Lipotropes. They don’t work all by themselves, they are injected as a complement to a healthy diet and exercise.

However, if you are taking Lipotropes in injections alone, and not following a strict diet and exercise, there are higher chances of them doing more harm than good to you.

There are several types to consider as well including; Vitamin B12, choline, methionine, and inositol, among several different ingredients. 

What are Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections typically contain vitamin B12 and are usually a part of a specific fat-loss course. Many clinics include them within their packages because according to them, they are quite effective in causing a faster fat breakdown in your body.

If your doctor has included them in your fat-loss plan after much consideration, they may inject you with them twice a week as they presume it will result in higher fat metabolism and will help you accelerate the effects of exercise and diet on your health.

Note that if your practitioner is administering the lipotropic injections without any diet or exercise plan, it could most likely be because you lack vitamin B-12 or the respective ingredient. Not to help you lose weight, for it will do the opposite in this case.

How much do Lipotropic Injections Cost?

Lipotropic injections vary with respect to different ingredients, and so does their cost. They can cost as low as $30 to as much as $75. It all depends upon the modification of a lipotropic dose. For instance, a typical vitamin B-12 lipotropic dose may cost you in the lowest range. However, a phentermine lipotropic dose may cost you in the highest range, i.e., $75.

You should know that traditional medical practices don’t promote the administration of lipotropic injections, which explicitly means, they are administered in non-traditional practices. As a result, these facilitators don’t accept the payments with insurance, you will have to pay in cash, and later file a claim for the insurance.

Do Lipotropics Injections Work?

That is a crucial question because all the practitioners out there prescribing lipotropic injections promise that these injections promote high-fat metabolism, but no research supports their claims.

For now, the answer to this question remains inconclusive, but no one knows what the future might hold, once there is enough research to support or contradict them. Moreover, if you say you have reduced some weight as a result of taking the lipotropic injections, the diet and exercise that you have been following with them might have a larger part to play in it than you might think, the injections alone are not responsible for that. 

how long does it take for Lipotropic Injection to work?

Clinics recommending the intake of these injections and claiming their results, believe you should see visible results within 30 days.

That too, not when you have been administered with the injections alone, you will have to follow a strict diet and exercise regime to feel the results.

What are the Side Effects and Risks of Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections contain mostly vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. They are also composed of different ingredients. Your practitioner will administer these injections in considerable quantities, which in itself is not dangerous. It is because your body will easily excrete a major portion of these injections, which may be vitamins, through urine. However, it’s the minor portion that promotes the risks and side effects when not balanced out by your body.

It’s because this portion may have phentermine, which is a type of drug, and if not taken optimally could be the cause of side effects like insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, faster heart rate, dry mouth, etc. You must reach out to your doctor upon encountering any of the above-mentioned side effects or symptoms. They will surely modify your dose, diet, and everything that needs to be changed immediately, and might stop administering the injections. These are also the side effects that you should know of before you consent to the procedure of continued injections.

What are the Alternatives of Lipotropic Injections?

Lipotropic injections have turned out to be rather contradictory. On one side, some evidence shows their effectiveness when taken with a strict diet and exercise plan, and on the other side, they are considered harmful and unnecessary.

Such complications may convince not only you but anyone into exploring their alternatives, which is an appreciated thought. Because the natural effect tends to last longer than the effect obtained with medication.

Here are some alternatives of lipotropic injections that may prove to be better than the inconclusive lipotropic doses, showing less or no results. But beware, these alternatives should be implemented and practiced together collectively as opposed to individually, because opting for any one of them can be useless or even harmful.


The first alternative to lipotropic injections is exercise. You should aim at reducing as much as two pounds of your weight every other week, which is still better than getting injected with excess than your body can administer and manage.


Exercise and diet are both necessary when you are being injected with Lipotropes. This should highlight the importance of both of them. You need to move towards eating and living healthy, which is the most neglected element when it comes to losing weight or maintaining your fitness.

You should eat low-carb foods, or foods having less sugar, and increase the amount of water intake in your day. This will totally redefine your diet, and help you get fit faster than getting medicated.


If you are not sleeping 7 to 9 hours a day, it adds to you gaining weight. To stop that, you need to get very serious with your sleep schedule, try getting the optimal amount of sleep, and you will see a change within days.

Seeing a Dietitian

Not all dietitians prescribe lipotropic injections, some belief in treating you with the previous three steps or with different procedures altogether. In either case, it is recommended to see your dietitian once a week as it will help you track your progress, identify the flaws, and correct them for even better and faster results.

You can also note your every visit within a maintained healthcare journal or calendar, there you can also note down other readings like the change in your weight, your sincerity with the diet, etc. This way you won’t forget anything you have implemented yet, instead will be more focused with your motive.


Q1. Do Lipotropic Injections Work for Weight loss?

There is no definite answer to this question. While some practitioners believe they boost fat metabolism when injected with a maintained diet and exercise plan, some say there is evidence of these injections reducing the fat or boosting the metabolism. Still, your doctor knows the best.

Q2. Where do you inject lipotropic shots?

These injections are usually injected in those areas of the body where there are more fat tissues. For instance, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, etc.

Q3. What is the difference between B12 and lipotropic shots?

Lipotropic shots are composed of different ingredients that may vary from vitamin B12 itself to different amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients. Some of its ingredients may as well be drugs like phentermine. That said, there is no such difference between B12 and lipotropic shots, they are administered based on what your body lacks or requires for the treatment.

Q4. Do Lipo Shots Contain Phentermine?

Yes, Lipo shots are composed of different ingredients, and phentermine may be one of them. However, it all depends on what your body needs or what your doctor deems fit for your treatment.


Lipotropic injections may be composed of different ingredients including but not limited to Vitamin B12, BCAAs, B16, phentermine, etc. Their costs and dosage vary from their ingredients, so do their side effects. Lipotropic dosages are administered as a complement to diet and exercise, however, no research concludes their effect on boosting the fat metabolism, which may intrigue you to opt for the alternatives such as following a strict diet, exercising, getting enough sleep, and seeing a dietitian.