Lisa Montgomery who was charged with strangling a pregnant woman to death was executed via lethal injection last night.

Lisa Montgomery, 52; was convicted in 2007. Her execution orders were put on hold, twice in the past.

The case comes to prominence due to the gravity of her actions. She was declared mentally-ill and disillusioned, by her lawyers, and was deemed not fit to be executed. She was said to have been trafficked by her parents, and sexually abused in her childhood.

Lisa befriended Bobbie Jo Stinnett on an online group and traveled all the way to Skidmore a small town in the northwest of Missouri with the intention to kill her. She strangled eight-month pregnant Stinnett with a rope and cut her womb with a kitchen knife to take out the baby. She, later on, attempted to identify the baby girl as her own, and that’s when she was caught for the heinous crime.

The trial was a real test for the jurors, as the details of the crime were so barbaric that it left them in tears.

The prosecutors accused Lisa Montgomery of forging all the evidence in order to escape from the punishment. But in the end, it was proved that she had preplanned the killing of Stinnett. The evidence also showed how she had done online research about carrying out a C-section, as well as taking care of a premie newborn.

The motive behind her atrocious crime was to win a legal custody battle against her husband. All she wanted was to get custody of her 2 out of 4 kids. Her husband had claimed that she had got tubal ligation done, therefore, to prove him wrong, she committed this detestable act. After committing the crime, she called her husband and told him about delivering a baby at a birth center. She was caught by the police the next day, and within a few days, she admitted her SIN.

Her defense lawyers continued to claim about her ill-mental health and told the jurors that she has been suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder.

She was kept in a prison in Texas, and on Monday night she was brought to Terre Haute for execution.