Contestant List – American Idol 2022

SerialContestants AuditionedLocation
1Tristen GressettAlabama
2Presley TrevinoAustin, TX
3Ilake RaganAustin, TX
4Jacob MoranChicago, Illinois
5Jillian BryantChickasha, OK
6Bri SimsCypress, Texas
8Corey CurtisFlorida
9Isaiah OttoFrederic, Wisconsin
10Krik RichmondHouston, TX
11EmyrsonHudson, Ohio
12Douglas MillsKentucky
13Justin GriderLake Ozark, MO
14Donavan DiazLos Angeles, CA
15Kendra CheckettsLos Angeles, CA
16Rachael PinocchioLos Angeles, CA
17Capri EverittLos Angeles, CA
18Caysi KellerMammoth, MT
19KatyrahMiami, Florida
20AliciaNashville, TN
21Monica ZeranceNashville, TN
22Dustin ChapmanNashville, TN
23Colby CobbNashville, TN
24Taylor DavidsonNashville, TN
25Tyra MadisonNashville, TN
26Delaney ReneeNashville, TN
27Christiana AlaireNashville, TN
28Morgan GruberNashville, TN
29Julia JewelNew Canaan, Connecticut
30MauriceNew Orleans, Louisiana
31Jourdan BlueNew Orleans, Louisiana
32Taylor FaginsNew York City, NY
33TrellNorth Carolina
34Saylor WoodmanseeOklahoma City
35Nic HowellOrlando, FL
36Shy KellerPark City, Utah
37Cali MorrisPataskala, OH
38Jordan Chase TorrezPensacola, Florida
39Magdiel ReyesPuerto Rico
40Carrie BrockwellRichmond, VA
41Dakota HaydenRosine, Kentucky
42Brooke WilliamsScottsdale, AZ
43Jenna MarquisSimi Valley, CA
44Christian QuesenberrySmith Mountain Lake, VA
45Elisheva McalenySouth Carolina
46Robbie ClarkToledo, OH
47Fritz HagerTyler, Texas
48Eshan SobtiVancouver
49Rachel ChiuVancouver

From the above-mentioned list, only 20 will be selected for the 20th season. Now let’s have a quick review of the American Idol top 10 contestants of the 2021 season before the 2022 show begins!

It is nearly impossible to not remember all the drama that happened in the last season, also known as Season 19, including Wyatt Pike’s sudden discontinuation, Paula Abdul joining the judges’ panel, and the winner of the comeback twist, of course.

After keeping the fans on the edge of their seats and desperately waiting for the next episode, the American Idol top 10 contestant announcement happened around the Oscars time last year, revealing the top 9 and ‘winner of the comeback twist’.

Sorry in advance for the spoiler to those who haven’t watched the 2021’s show yet, Arthur Gunn made it through ‘The comeback round’ and joined the American Idol top 10 contestant list.

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Contestant List –  Top 10 American Idol 2021

Contestant list Top 10 American Idol 2021
Sr NoContestant NameFromStatus
10Cassandra ColemanColumbia, TennesseeEliminated (Top 10)
9Deshawn Goncalves  Cleveland, OhioEliminated (Top 10)
8Alyssa Wray  Perryville, KentuckyEliminated (Top 10)
7Arthur GunnWichita, KansasEliminated (top 7)
6Hunter MettsFranklin, TennesseeEliminated (Top 7)
5Casey BishopEstero, FloridaEliminated (Top 5)
4Caleb KennedyRoebuck, South CarolinaWithdrew (Top 5)
3Grace KinstlerChicago, IllinoisEliminated (Top 3
2Willie SpenceDouglas, GeorgiaRunner- up
1Chayce BeckhamApple Valley, California(Winner)

10) Cassandra Coleman

Cassandra Coleman

Born and brought up in Tennessee, Cassandra Coleman earned her golden ticket for the show after a memorable audition she gave in Los Angeles. However, the top 10 round didn’t bring her much luck as she got the least votes for that week causing her elimination from the show. Since leaving the show, the singer has been working on writing new tracks and prepping for her hometown headline debut show.

9) Deshawn Goncalves

Deshawn Goncalves

Columbus born Deshawn Goncalves had his last day on the show on Sunday, when the ground was narrowed to the top 7. He opted for the “When You Wish Upon a Star” song for that Disney night evening on which Katy Perry commented, “You are amazing and I won’t tell I lie.” currently, the singer is serving the ‘Jackson marching band’ as a sousaphone player.

8) Alyssa Wray

Alyssa Wray

Despite one of the judges calling Alyssa Wray’s last performance ‘a work of art’, she got eliminated before reaching the top 7 finalist list. Her elimination on Disney night left her fans stunned. Not just did she cry for getting eliminated, but for the crew behind the camera, with who she strongly bonded while on the show.

7) Arthur Gunn

Arthur Gunn

The American Idol season 18 runner-up, Arthur Gunn remained in the pole position in the previous season. Unfortunately, he couldn’t bag the trophy in the last season as well. However, he is still operating with a host of benefits, like a built-in American Idol fan base. The second best contestant of season 18, abruptly left the Sunday night (May 23 2021) episode due to some personal issues before he could hear his name being announced in the top 5 list.

6) Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop

Despite a huge fan following and several standing ovation-worthy performances, Casey Bishop got eliminated in the show’s final episodes. Currently, she is pursuing what she loves the most, singing, writing, and recording new tracks. After the show, Bishop signed to NY’s 19 Recordings Inc, “Idol’s” official record label, and BMG.

5) Hunter Metts

Hunter Metts

The 22-year-old singer and songwriter from Tennessee got eliminated in the top 7 announcement episode on the public’s voting after a breathtaking performance on “Everglow” and “The River”. His and Arthur Gunn’s elimination in the same episode had left their fans in shock as losing two gems in the same episode was of course a big deal. After leaving the show, Hunter Metts embarked on writing songs and creating music (full time).

4) Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy’s withdrawal from the show was a bit more controversial. The top 5 finalists withdrew from the show after a video of him went viral that saw him apparently, sitting beside a friend wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood. After the video surfaced on the internet, Kennedy posted a clip to announce his withdrawal from the show, reasoning the ongoing controversies about him. Currently, Kennedy is focused on creating his career in music and was rumored to release songs regarding his experiences during the show.

3) Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler

Berklee College of Music student Kinstler secured her spot on the top 3 finalist list after leaving the judges in awe of her mesmerizing voice and powerful stage performances. She was amongst the contestants who had never slowed down during their time on the show from day one. In fact, after leaving the show, she began building her career in music and started her debut album. Her “Love Someone” is already in the top 10 on iTunes.

2)  Willie Spence

Willie Spence

Willie Spence, 21, was the runner for American Idol 2021. While many assumed he would be season 9th’s winner, he couldn’t bring the trophy home. Still, he received tremendous praise and support from his fans and celebrity judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. After departing from the show, he started doing car shows, festivals and events and working hard to get his first music recording gig with famous producers to launch a full-fledged album.

1) Chayce Beckham


Chayce Beckham was entitled to the American Idol 2021 winner in a 4-hour special grand finale episode on May 23, Sunday. Beckham was competing with Willie Spence and Grace Kinstler in the finale episode. During the competition, he released his debut song ‘23’ and has continued to storm the music industry with another steamy release with Lindsay Ell, ‘“Can’t Do Without Me”.


So that was a short recap of the American Idol top 10 contestants, now you are all geared up to watch the coming season on your local ABC station, starting from February 27, Sunday.