Living today is difficult. That is not a cheerful statement you might be expecting this article to start with. But let’s lead with the truth because we are talking about actually living in a shipping container here. There is a lot you might find difficult in life, and that can be the same no matter your economic situation. Still, there are some basic expenses you need to be covered in life to be able to worry about things other than surviving. And the inflation today has too many of us worried about making ends meet from one month to the next.

Homeownership in today’s time

Out of the many things that are becoming more or less unaffordable these days, the housing situation is one of the prominent ones. Earlier generations before ours used to think working hard and saving up is all you need to do to afford a house when you’re an adult. But now things are much worse economy-wise. Homeownership is out of the question for so many, people are barely affording their rents. If you feel this article getting uncomfortable real quick that’s because it’s too close to reality.

Owning a home has become an impossible feat in today’s time for many, quite a large number if you look at the statistics. Real estate has gradually but surely reached a point where people have ditched the idea of buying a home, whether that’s an apartment or house. It is not the only thing that has been affected, so there is a pattern found on how almost all necessary and important aspects of living and enjoying a decent life have become unimaginable.

Shipping Container Homes

 If the already somber mood and the complaints about inflation so far haven’t given you enough hint, let us do the honors, people are living in shipping containers, by choice. Here is a Business Insider article link that states the average price of a house according to all different states. One quick breezy look over the article will give you an idea of why everyone is slightly or completely disturbed, trying to reach their expenses. It has made people realize how living in a shipping container might be a good idea.

This is the reason people are looking up shipping container homes, shipping container renovation, shipping container costs, and other such things. A 20-foot by 8-foot shipping container costs around $2800 to buy. If you are someone who has done house hunting recently and is aware of the prices out there, you will find this outrageous. It is genuinely easy to get a shipping container that you get to renovate as you like, according to your taste, and make a home out of. If something is as accessible to you as this, why would someone who cannot afford a house look up to it? It might seem like something incredulous if you have not found out about this yet, but give it some time. Working-class people are getting jobless and homeless by the minute and having a very solid roof over your head sounds like a completely reasonable thing.

Making a home

Now onto the fun part from the straight depressing part, people have found ways to make a shipping container as homely as possible. Need is the mother of all inventions, and making a shipping container your dream home isn’t an unreasonable idea. All you have to do is be innovative with your choice and you will find the best abode for yourself. For example, depending upon the budget and need, you can get more than one container to combine them and curate your space accordingly. Even at $2800 on average, buying multiple containers does not end up being as expensive to you as a house might.

If you or someone you know has been living in a shipping container, kudos to your problem-solving mind. We cannot say whether it is a great solution but it is what makes life livable for many working-class people, and if that raises questions for our public servants, it’s for them to contemplate.