Living with cancer can be a harrowing experience on its own. With the added threat of a deadly pandemic, people with cancer are worried about their safety and treatment.

The diagnosis of cancer is often followed by several appointments. The COVID-19 pandemic is going to greatly impact how cancer patients receive their treatment.

The fear is not limited to a patient’s movement to hospitals, as there are growing concerns about medical facilities being overloaded with corona patients. Another factor that greatly affects cancer patients is their low immunity and ability to fight against the virus.

Developing a treatment plan for cancer patients is a long and strenuous task. With the added layer of coronavirus restrictions, things have only gotten tougher.

However, there is a silver lining. Medical Oncologist Benjamin Negin said that they were working on a system to ensure the treatment was as comfortable and safe as possible.

This means that depending on the stage and type of cancer, your doctor may be able to postpone your treatment until the pandemic situation gets under control. However, if postponing is not possible, your doctor may be able to relocate your treatment to a safer location.

Some physicians have even started to offer virtual checkups to make the process more comfortable for patients. Despite the added pressure and fear, patients mustn’t skip an appointment or treatment on their own accord.

Another risk factor for cancer patients is contracting the deadly virus. We can’t say for certain if cancer patients are more prone to catching the virus, but some experts suggest that the possibility of catching the virus can be influenced by your cancer type, stage, and the treatment you’re receiving.

The problem isn’t only limited to contracting the virus; doctors are also concerned about any long-term complications from COVID. Therefore, it is recommended for everyone to avoid going out as much as possible and practice social distancing.