Tiger Woods, the golf champion, was involved in a horrific car crash in February. He was driving nearly twice the posted speed on a dangerous downhill road at the time of the crash, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Department. This accident left Tiger critically injured.

Although the initial reports described Woods’ injuries as minor, new details have revealed that the star had sustained additional wounds, including an ‘open fracture’ and a ‘bruised rib cage.’

During the press conference, the Sheriff provided a detailed account of the crash after which he was hospitalized for nearly six weeks. Sheriff Alex Villanueva claimed during a press conference that the primary cause of the crash in Rancho Palos was speed.

He claimed that the golfer had been driving over the 45-mph speed limit. At the time of the accident, his car was moving at a speed of nearly 87 mph which was almost double the mentioned speed limit. The Sheriff blamed the February 23 crash on excessive speed and Woods’ loss of control behind the wheel.

After an exhaustive investigation process, it was concluded that Woods had inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, according to Capt. James Powers.

Last week, the Sheriff’s Department announced that the detectives had determined the cause of the crash, but they would not release the complete details citing unspecified privacy concerns for the golf champion.

After recovering in the hospital for several weeks, the golf champion is now back home. He was released from the hospital on March 16, 2021.