The Los Angeles Dodgers kept everyone on their toes, as they delivered a thrilling come-back through the wild-card game against the St. Louis Cardinals. Everyone had their eyes on the Cardinals, as they had won 17 consecutive games in the postseason. But the 3-1 score lent the Los Angeles Dodgers a thrilling win in their final turn.

Chris Taylor, one of the team’s key defense and offense players both, had been struggling for the second half of the season. He was reported to be swapped with Adam Wainwright, the right-hand player, by the team first in Wednesday night’s game. The win served as a great relief to the player, extending to the entire team, as he swung the final blow to knock the Cardinals out.

“I just love the way coming into this game, knowing we had a built-in excuse as far as a one-game playoff elimination game, we were prepared to win a ballgame,” Dave Roberts, the Dodgers’ manager said.

Moving forward in the best-of-five division series, the Los Angeles Dodgers will have to face the San Francisco Giants. The match will kick off Friday night against the 107-win San Francisco Giants in what everyone is considering another competition to look forward to, in the divisional round. Despite the ups and downs with the

Even though only 2 wild-card teams have won the title since the rule’s inception in 2012, the Los Angeles Dodgers are still considered favorites to win the world title in 2021.