Los Angeles – Four people died in an “ambush” shooting at a birthday party in Inglewood. The shooting spree occurred in the early hours of Sunday. According to the police, approximately 40 rounds of ammunition were fired at the house party.

The mayor of Inglewood called it the “worst act of violence in the city in years.”

According to the reports, the Los Angeles County fire department dispatched paramedics and firefighters around 1:43 am to a house located at park avenue.

The reports stated that the house where the shooting incident took place was an Airbnb. The participants of the birthday party were crime-related but the motive behind the shooting episode is still unknown.

Two women who were killed in the ambush shootings were identified as Marneysha Hamilton and Breahna Stines – they both were sisters.

The deadly incident took place at a home where the family had gathered to celebrate the birthday of Breahna Stines.

“They both were outgoing, beautiful girls,” the mother said, sitting beside a display of candles and two large photographs of her daughters that had been placed on the sidewalk at the crime scene. “They both had futures ahead of them, and to have it taken away,” their mother said, her voice trailing off.

Inglewood’s Mayor James T. Butts Jr. stated that different weapons were used including one handgun and an assault rifle. It appears that the ambush was a target motivated incident.

Inglewood’s Mayor James

“This is the largest number of shooting victims that have been injured in this city since the 1990s,” Butts told reporters. “When I think about this and hear about a crime like this anywhere in New York, in Los Angeles, in Santa Monica, in Culver City, these are sociopathic killers that have to be sequestered from society.”

Butts said the attack “was not random, and it was related to the people who were expected to be at the party.”

The mayor also urged the suspects that it is better that they turn themselves in otherwise the law enforcement agencies will “find you and prosecute you.”