Los Angeles – A motorcyclist crossing 130 mph died in a horrific accident with another vehicle here on the streets of Los Angeles.

The horrific accident was recorded on camera and the video shows the fatal crash into another vehicle.

The Los Angeles Police Department stated that the identity of the motorcyclist has been concealed. The license plate of the driver is said to be stolen.

The police department officials stated that it is believed that the police officers were tracking the motorcycle but it was not in pursuit at the time of the fatal crash.

The horrific crash was recorded on a video. The driver can clearly be seen whizzing around the streets of Los Angeles especially the neighborhood of west hills a little after 1 pm.

The video showcases that the motorcyclist was speeding past other vehicles and cars and he can be seen standing up on the motorcycle as well at one time.

As the driver comes near the intersection of Fallbrook Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard, the unfortunate motorcycle slams into an approaching vehicle and the driver loses control and can be seen flying in the air.

It is reported that the driver died on the spot. The LA fire department stated that the driver’s identity is not released but he was “determined dead on the scene”

According to the Los Angeles police department, two other people also got injured in the said incident but the extent of their injuries is yet unknown.