2020 has been a year of vicissitudes. None of us thought that the world would come to a halt for months. However, time heals everything and with each passing day, we were able to cope up with the unfortunate circumstances and we are still trying our best.

2021 has come up with some good news including the launch of vaccines and easing of lockdowns. During this time, everyone is looking to travel and get some air. However, with the third wave of the COVID-19, things are getting constrained a little.

Los Cabos becomes the safest place to travel ShareCare validates its authenticity

In this time if you wish to make travel plans, then Los Cabos is ranked as the safest place to enjoy your vacations.

Sharecare, a digital health company has verified all the tourist places including hotels and other leisure spaces to be safest and health-risk-free for traveling. Out of 85 hotels, 84 have been already verified and are complying with the set standards, set by more than 360 global health security. The healthy environment standards include hygiene protocols, disinfecting products, cleaning procedures, and ensuring ventilated spaces with a healthy environment for the incoming guests and vacationers.

Los Cabos safest place to travel

On this note, the Managing Director of Los Cabos Tourism Board, Rodrigo Esponda acknowledges and encourages the preparations being done for a healthy and enjoyable tourist experience. Moreover, the head also believes that Los Cabos has always been one of the favorite tourist destinations for people, and these measures will lead to further enhance the offerings to fully satisfy the tourists.

The health verification was an important deal for Los Cabos, as 80% of the economy runs on tourism. Seeing the situation, this step will lead to bring back the tourists and liquidate the inflow, which was hampered during the disastrous first and second wave of coronavirus.

The general manager of one of the resorts, One & Only Palmilla, Robert Logan assures the prospective tourists that verification doesn’t only mean that Los Cabos is operating with all the safety measure, but it also means that all the destinations, stay, and leisurely places are consistently verifying to stay up-to-date with the latest global health standards.

He also believes that this verification gives an edge to Los Cabos and provides peace of mind to the people traveling here that they will be safe and secure.

Los Cabos safest place to travel

Los Cabos tourism department has done and still working on providing the travelers with the utmost safe environment by implying the rules of the global health departments. For example, when the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made PCR mandatory for travelers regardless of if they were vaccinated or not, the management came up with a quick plan.

The plan was to test everyone, everywhere, including hotels, vacation clubs, and villa rentals. Moreover, to curb the spread, Los Cabos management has also imposed a midnight curfew and has prepared places to quarantine for the ones who test positive but are asymptomatic.