In a recent interview with Interview Magazine, Lourdes Leon revealed that her mom, Madonna is a control freak and she controlled her upbringing throughout her life.

‘My mom is such a control freak, and she has controlled me my whole life,‘ Leon said to the interviewer Mazar. She further added that ‘I needed to be completely independent of her as soon as I graduated high school.’

Lourdes, 25, who is also a model, mentioned in the interview that she first felt independent when she paid for her college apartment.

“We don’t get any handouts in my family,” she said before recognizing, “Obviously, I grew up with extreme privilege. There’s no denying that.

Leon further explained in the interview that she will also be living her independent life by using her other talents rather than relying only on model-level beauty. She said that I want to be recognized on my own, not because of my mother.

Leon also praised her mother, Madonna on her musical talents adding that she considers herself as an amazing and the most influential woman and she is always looking forward to empowering women and ahead of their time

She further added, “I didn’t fully understand this until I realized the importance of empowerment and what it means to be a woman.

“She is probably the hardest worker I have ever seen. I didn’t inherit it, unfortunately. I inherited his control issues, but not his work ethic.

Leon is the daughter of actor Carlos Leon and is the first child of Madonna. She has 6 more siblings starting from age 21 being the eldest and last ending at the age of 9.