Madame X, an artistic documentary on the life of Madonna – The Pop Queen, has topped the charts as No. 1 debut.

The realistic film was shot in January 2020 in Lisbon and Portugal, co-directed by Madonna herself, alongside Nuno Xic, Sasha Kasiuha, and Ricardo Gomes.

Madonna’s persona in the documentary is somewhat of, “a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom and bringing light to dark places.”

The docu-film starts with short clips of the star’s most influential performances and concerts with jam-packed audiences. As the film goes by, the fans will be witnessing the life of Madonna, from her breakthrough to all the scandals that she has fought in real life over the years.

As per Madonna, “The most controversial thing I have ever done is stick around.”

Hollywood Reporter reports, in this two-hour movie, Madonna highlights harsh realities including climate change, uncontrollable policing, racism, war, etc.

According to another source, the film will also include Madonna’s perception of how she has changed the lives of the masses with her empowering songs at the cost of her own reputation.

Those who have been fans of Madonna over the years and are inspired by her music will appreciate the struggles of the singer to empower women and revolutionize the world. On the contrary, the not-so-inspired lot will view this documentary as an elongated statement speech that an award honoree gives while receiving the award.

The film is releasing on October 8th, 2021, on Paramount+ in the US, Canada, Latin America, Nordics, and Australia. The fans outside the mentioned areas can watch Madame X on MTV.