The coronavirus pandemic has halted almost all activities of sports and the entertainment sector. Competitions and matches that had huge sponsorships and anticipating audience, stopped altogether.

Since sports matches are mostly held in arenas and big stadiums, it increases the risk of the contagion spreading. The bigger the crowd, the riskier it is.

Due to the current situation, La Liga, a private sports association, could also not hold any football matches either. However, things have started to become less problematic as life started to get back on track.

La Liga is a global professional football league and it has held some of the most historical matches in the past. After more than 3 months of inactivity, the league is taking steps to resume tournaments.

Mallorca vs. Barcelona – Stream La Liga Live

La Liga has its headquarter in Spain but it is a Global League, which is present in about 55 countries in total. La Liga touched the skies of fame in 2013, mostly due to the achievements of the league’s President Javier Teba.

The popularity of the Spanish games has grown worldwide in recent years due to the league. The aim of the league is to push the Spanish games beyond borders and make a community of fans throughout the world.

Being one of the best male top professional football leagues, La Liga is finally holding an exciting football match again between Mallorca and Barcelona. Despite the fact that Spain is one of the hardest-hit countries, La Liga is moving ahead with its plans.

In Spain, the coronavirus cases have risen as high as a million in number with over 35 thousand deaths. The match being held by La Liga could prove to be a ray of hope for the people of Spain.

Although the match will be streamed live, fans are still beyond excited to view the match after 3 long months of wait. What make it more tremendous is the teams that will play the match.