Global warming is a serious threat to the survival of Earth and all life that thrives on the planet. For quite a few years, scientists have been raising alarms about how climate change can be deadly for all of us.

Climate change has been the hottest debate topic for years, as scientists learn more and more about it. Satellites sent outside the Earth continuously monitor the climate and scientists use the information they provide to estimate the damage that has been done.

People can be generally seen talking about how the Earth’s atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter each passing year. Greta Thunberg has been a very popular young activist who advocates that climate change is real and needs to be controlled.

People on Earth have been divided into two sides; one side acknowledges human-induced global warming and the other side does not. Climate deniers think global warming to be nothing but a hoax.

As scientists sound the alarm to the possible destruction of Earth, powerful people such as the US President Donald Trump ignore the signs. In a recent political rally, he criticized Senator Harris who is talking about the Green New Deal.

Quite a few rich and influential individuals are pouring cash into climate denial and one of them is Robert Mercer. He owns an organization called the Mercer Foundation, which has invested as much as $4 million into climate denial.

It is also reported that The Mercer Foundation has funded climate denial groups and think tanks as much as $22 million. These groups deny scientific consensus and work against regulations that target the climate change crisis.

Scientists have reported that climate change has reached the “Gold Standard” now as the planet hit the “five-sigma level”.

Scientists claim that there is about 99% evidence pointing towards human involvement in global warming. The temperature of the planet is rising every year as carbon dioxide gas emission heats Earth’s atmosphere.

Solutions such as using cleaner sources of energy instead of depleting fossil fuels could stop the planet’s destruction.