After being found guilty of being part of an organized crime group that secretly recorded and disseminated sexually explicit videos of itself assaulting more than 20 minors, LA federal court have sentenced a Fresno man to life.

During a hearing in federal court in Los Angeles, Judge André Birotte Jr. called what Brinson Jr. did to those youngsters “evil”.
Birotte remarked, “I don’t know how else to say it”.

Brinson, 28, pled guilty to four charges of child pornography production and one count of operating a child exploitation enterprise in July.

“The life sentence imposed in this case is warranted by the defendant’s callous and violent abuse of children, some of whom were filmed while screaming in pain,” U.S. Attorney Tracy Wilkison said in a statement. “The child exploitation enterprise impacted more than 20 victims — children who were sexually assaulted, sometimes repeatedly, solely for the pleasure of this defendant and his cohorts.”

On a website devoted to the sexual abuse of children under the age of 5, Brinson disseminated and marketed child exploitation materials, authorities claimed. He was able to meet two of his partners and co-defendants, Moises Martinez and Arlan Harrell, on the dark web which also assisted him conceal his identity.

Harrell and Martinez brought children to Brinson’s house, each separately and they filmed child pornography.

Child pornography producer Harrell was sentenced to jail for life in February after admitting to participating in an enterprise that exploited minors to produce child pornography, and creating child pornography.

Convicted of operating a child exploitation enterprise and producing child pornography, Martinez was sentenced for 55 years in jail on the recommendation of the judge.

Keith Lawniczak, Brinson’s roommate, was sentenced to tweleve years in jail for conspiracy to conduct sex trafficking of a minor.