Car enthusiasts across the globe find themselves excited and eager as German tuner Manhart recently revealed its modified 8-Series version that might just be more powerful than the original model from the M Division.

Of course, the first thing that one will notice is its appearance. The MH8 600 is completely submerged in black save for the golden stripes elegantly draped over the super coupe. As a side note for those who don’t know, these stripes are something of a trademark for the German tuner.

Manhart has combined huge 21-inch alloy wheels along with the H&R lowering springs for the car to be positioned somewhat closer to the ground. Aside from that, no drastic changes have been made to the body, save for the carbon fibre spoilers located on the front and rear of the super coupe.

Worth noting is that any adjustments made to the look of the car are most likely going to be optional, so those who are interested in the car solely for its powerful capabilities won’t have to be stuck with a design that they don’t personally care for.

Named after its horsepower, the MH8 600 is underselling itself due to the fact that it’s capable of 612 hp. The most exciting aspect of this upgrade, however, comes from the drastic increase in torque. You’ll be happy to know that it has gone up from 750 Nm all the way up to 869 Nm. While Manhart’s version also uses the same twin-turbo V8 that can be found in all the other 8-Series models, it was able to implement this upgrade through simple software updates.

Based on the horsepower and increased torque alone, many enthusiasts have very high hopes for the performance of this model. The odds are that it will provide serious competition to the M8, which will be released in 2019. However, for some, it might just be a matter of patience. With Manhart’s tuning project completed, it will be available sooner, sating the appetite of those looking to find a powerful and stunning super coupe.

Not much has been revealed with regard to performance, but taking a look at the powerful specs of the car is enough to inform us that it won’t have a tough time completing the sprint to 60 mph.