Mavys Alvarez, a Cuban national, has filed a case against Maradona’s associates claiming they trafficked her to Argentina and groomed her when she was 16. A new video has emerged amidst the allegations, supporting her claim.

Considered a global football legend, Diego Armando Maradona was an Argentinian football player. He passed away last year, soon after his brain surgery due to a heart attack. The case is filed against his associates at Argentina’s Office of Trafficking and Exploitation of Persons, who Alvarez claims introduced her to Maradona when they were 16 and 40, respectively.

The video, obtained by Spanish news outlet Infobae, adds weight to her claim that Maradona seduced, groomed, and got her on drugs when she was only a minor. According to her, he moved her into an apartment in Havana after meeting, before being taken to Buenos Aires in 2001. Here she was kept in a hotel for three months and was forced to have breast implants.

While in Argentina, she was constantly with an escort and not allowed to go out much except for shopping or to the zoo. She also claimed that their ‘relationship’ lasted for three years. Her entire account has been logged in the suit filed last week.

She told América TeVe in an interview that Maradona also introduced her to the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, who allowed her to leave Cuba for Maradona’s commemorative match in Argentina. Maradona’s involvement with the Cuban regime leader was also the reason she feared and kept silent for so long.

“It was the biggest mistake of my life. I was just a girl. I was pure. He was a stranger, he was rich and he paid attention to me. I could not say no.” Alvarez told América TeVe, a Miami-based TV station she interviewed for.