Mariano Rivera is an American baseball player who was born in November 1969. He is known for playing in the MLB for 19 seasons. He was positioned as a relief pitcher for the Yankees until 2013.

Rivera holds several awards, including five American League Rolaids Relief Man Awards. He has won 3 Delivery Man of the Year awards. He also has the distinction of five-time World Series Champion.

In July of this year, Rivera has joined the Hall of Fame along with other champions for his contribution and performance. The crowd was ecstatic as he came to the podium to address people while the players sang his name.

Rivera began his speech with a special thank you to his hometown Panama and all the fans there. His inclusion in the Hall of Fame was a unanimous vote of the Baseball Writers Association. After a sparkling career, the player retired after playing 952 games. He also holds the record for the most games played by a player.

The wife of late Halladay came up to make a speech, too. She held back her tears as she listened to the crowd. Halladay was killed in a plane crash in November 2017. She praised all the people in the audience for their love and their contribution to the case. She also said she could thank everyone for days, but there were not enough words to describe what she felt for them.

Later on, Smith took the stage and thanked his other classmates before addressing his parents and his hometown.

Martinez stood next with his two AL batting titles and was named the best hitter five times. Before thanking the others, he made a short speech in Spanish.

A moment of silence was witnessed in the middle of the ceremony for the two players who had died recently. Robinson and McCovey had passed away after the ceremony last year.

An acceptance ceremony was held for the 7 renowned baseball players.