In a surprise turn of events, the firebrand congresswoman from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been removed from House Committees for education and budget.

The Democrats wanted Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to be removed from the committees in the wake of her support for the former President – but the Republicans opposed the move. They thought that the decision to remove Greene was the Democrats’ move to grab more power.

Taylor Greene has been accused of sharing unhinged comments and posts about 9/11. She also encouraged assassinations and violence against top Democrats.

She has not apologized for any of her comments or actions.

During the vote, only 11 of the Republicans voted in favor of her removal from her duties.

During her speech last Tuesday, she called the Democrats “a mob” but did not say anything about the rioters of the Capitol. She also mentioned how the Democrats wanted to cancel every Republican and not just her.

Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to apologize for her incendiary remarks until the time came for the vote to remove her.

Greene is a representative from Georgia, and she was elected in November. Now that she has been removed, she cannot take her position on the education and budget committees.

Hence, she will not be able to share her opinions on important policies anymore.

On January 6, Trump urged his supporters to march and raid the Capitol.

The incident shocked the entire world and many people wanted him to be impeached again for such misconduct. When the voting for impeachment began, only 10 Republicans stood in favor of impeachment.

The Republicans have shown clear signs of partisanship on the issue of impeachment.