In the wake of rising Covid-19 – Delta variant cases, across America, a Georgian Republican, Marjorie Taylor is spreading false information regarding the coronavirus situation, due to which she was banned from a popular social media site – Twitter, last week.

However, the ban didn’t stop her from getting her words across, as she appeared on the famous, “The Water Cooler,” which airs on Americasvoice.

During the interview, she challenged all the media reports regarding the emergency situation in Hospitals.  She claims,

‘Yes, the waiting rooms get full. But guess what, the waiting rooms are full of all kinds of things, not just COVID – car accidents, trauma, other illnesses, cancer, and so forth.’

Moreover, she argues that we are humans and we tend to get illnesses and diseases, thus we should use our common sense and not believe everything that we are told.

Her argument doesn’t end here, because she also believes that mask mandate for children is equal to child abuse. At the same time, she also claims that post-vaccination families got more sick from the virus than pre-vaxxed families. Thus, the FDA must not approve those vaccines that are not effective.

Apart from this, during the interview, she also said,

‘Biden would love to make it (vaccination) the law of the land. And I think that’s completely wrong,’

She thinks this is taking away the freedom to make medical choices for oneself.

However, while the Georgian lawmaker puts forward her point of view, the statistics regarding the covid situation are opposite.

According to the reports from Tuesday, stated by various Georgian news outlets and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5 of the 14 hospitals of Georgia are left with less than 10 ICU beds for the patients.

Moreover, the chief of emergency medicine for Southeast Georgia Health System,  Dr. Mohsen Akhlaghi claimed, ‘Our emergency room wait times have surpassed anything I’ve ever experienced in my medical career.’

While the Georgian healthcare system is trying its best to contain the virus and ensure everyone’s safety, claims such as made by the Republican lawmaker will not only cause hindrance in the process but will also void the efforts of the government and healthcare officials.

Instead, during the crisis, it is our responsibility as the nation to comply with the preventative measures set by the CDC and get vaccinated on priority.

Together we can make a difference!